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[SOLD] iPod iSkin Sonic Blue for 4th gen iPods.


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Hi everyone.

A listing will soon be going up on ebay for the following (this is just an extract of the auction)



Additional Info:


You are bidding on an iSkin eVo2 Sonic/Vibrant Blue in color. It fits the 4th generation ipods of 20 GB (including any HP ipods and U2 iPods: as long as it's 20GB!), 4th generation color iPods (again including HP and U2 iPods: 20 GB), as well as the iPod Photo of 30 GB. In short, all the 20GB and 30GB iPods with a clickwheel, excluding iPod mini, nano, and iPod with video.


The iSkin glows in the dark, and can remain on the iPod while charging and while in it's dock. It comes with a REMOVABLE belt clip (transparent in color), and a screen guard/protector. This whole package will protect your iPod from scratches and scuffs!


It is brand new, still in it's packaging, never been opened. DoA certified with 30-day moneyback guarantee. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warantee which may or may not have already began it's time under warantee. I would not know because i have never opened it!


Attached is a picture of the item.


What price would you guys be willing to buy this for, even if you aren't going to get it?

I was thinking 24.99 USD INCLUDING shipping, and that's for canada and the US.


Would you guys buy this brand new iskin for that much?

if not, for what price WOULD you buy it for?


thanks in advance,




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the auction for the iSkin eVo2 Blue as afformentioned is up on ebay, with the price i thought would be alright.


here it is:




Enjoy, and I will, on my word, give a buyer from osx86project who buys this item a 3$ USD discount!

Just post here and let me know your ebay ID!



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