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leopard on 32 bit pentium 4


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i was wondering if a non 64 bit pentium 4 will even boot the leopard dvd?


because after reading about that leopard will run on 64 bit intel cpu's i was wondering if it is backward compatible and will run on 32 bit pentium 4


if not is there a way to build a dvd that disables the 64 bit and forces it to boot on 32 bit cpu's?



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It should work on your Pentium 4. Does it have SSE3?



yes it does have sse3 but for some reason the dvd fails to boot and so i am never able to install leopard.


is there any way to have 2 dvd drives connected and boot the tiger (uphuck 10.4.9 (witch boots on and installs and runs)) and the using the terminal launch the installer script of the leopard dvd in the other drive?


and how do i do that.


i asked about the 64 bit thing is because it seems as apple drops support all the time like for example the 4th gen ipod no longer works on os 9 5th gen ipod no longer works with firewire os 9 stopped booting with the firewire 800 macs and classic mode will not work on intel macs.


so i thought apple blocked 320 bit intel cpus with leopard by preventing the dvd from booting.



i goofed and said sse3 i meant to say sse2 sory for the typo.


still even sse2 should still work.

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What DVD are you booting with, you will need to do some work on this. do alot of searching for the answers on this forum and you will get the answers.



booting the uphuck 10.4.9 dvd and launching the osinstall package on the leopard dvd.


after some thinking it looks like maybe the leopard hackers did not bother to check the cpu abilities and just jumped in and started executin g the latest code for example


they are not asking the cpu "can you run sse3 instructions" and the cpu would say no then ask can you run sse2 instructions" if yes then run sse2 instructions


rather they are just running the sse3 instructions and the processor crashes and kernel panic.


i am right now attempting to slave the installers via 2 dvd drives.

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