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The Mac Apple won't make... NOW.

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I would totally buy a MacMini for this project except for one detail. No way to add a real graphic card.


So... Since I have to go Hackintosh to get the machine I want, why not up the ante and make a system that is actually cool.

I'm looking for a MOBO that can support a Quad Core, in the smallest form factor possible, but that still has at least one PCI-E slot, and doesn't need a tone of patching.


Ideally... I would love to fit this in my old Mac 512K case.


It would be nice it had built in Intel graphics, but I can live without it.

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Sorry for the delay Candle and everyone else. Thanks for your input.

That mother board is VERY kick ass, and has me drooling.


But I think it is a little overkill for a machine in a Mac Plus case.


I'll have to see if some one makes a multiple external DVD drive that matches the style of the PowerMac for that monster.


Or maybe instead of a 8 inch screen, I'll just make it a water cooling tank.

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