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iatkos and kalaway cannot see jmicron ata drives yet uphuck could...


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Using an sata dvd drive I have booted and installed leopard on my sata hardisk using iatkos 1.0i


For some reason my new install seems unable to show anything connecting to the jmicron controller.


what it cant see...

IDE maxtor 200 gig hd in hfs+j - tiger installed

Sata Maxtor 500 gig hd in NTFS (using 'shared jmicron port') - this drive is also not visible when connected to SATA



What it can...

WD 120 on SATA - leo installed + Vista on 2 partitions, both visable



They are not showing up in system profiler nor diskutil. I have installed the kext from my previous osx tiger install (uphuck 10.4.8 r2) which mounts them all fine but still I cannot see the drives!


Any ideas?

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