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AHCI vs No AHCI - performance for osx86 Leopard


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I just bought a GA-P35-DS3L mobo (ICH9) for $85+ - not yet opened because I'm still waiting for the proc


I was wondering if I should return it because it is said that ICH9 doesnt have AHCI. On the other hand, GA-P35-DS3R $130+ has ICH9R which has AHCI.


Ofcourse, it is obvious that ICH9R is better but right now I'm on a strict budget. If ICH9R is worth it, I will take of $30-40 from my other computer parts (like case, HFS, etc) to still meet the budget.


My questions are:


Is AHCI really worth $30-40?

Is there really a BIG difference with a system that has AHCI vs NO AHCI? I'm NOT planning to use RAID.

If there is a difference, what are those? Like boot up speed, transfer rates, etc ..


Is ICH9R more COMPATIBLE with ICH9???


Please help me decide. ATM, I'm planning not to buy the heatsink + fan ($30 worth, I might be forced to use stock HF) just suffice the AHCI urge.


Someone said that ICH9 is just marketing {censored} and ICH9R is FTW... What do you think?


Ofcouse, I'm only interested on how AHCI performs in Leopard OSx86 .. I'm not even planning to install Windows on this system.


Thank you so much

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I have Gigabyte P35-DS3L ( ICH9) and it does have AHCI ( You can enable / disable it in BIOS). If AHCI is enabled, only first 2 SATA ports are visible under Leopard.

Kaly 10.5.1 works with AHCI enabled or disabled on this board.


I did not notice any difference using AHCI or AHCI disabled modes.

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Thank you guys for your reply.


I think I was misinformed about AHCI in P35-DS3L .. I thought it was standard that ICH9 doesnt have AHCI ...


It is good to know that it was wrong.


Now Im happy with my DS3L ...


THanks again =)

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Hi again,


This is just a follow up question. I forgot to ask it with the first one (sorry)


Will IDE work?


Will IDE DVD or IDE HDD be detected? Can you make an IDE HDD be the boot drive for osx86? or Boot from the IDE DVD?


Thanks again. =)

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Hello..well my expirience the other Day was when friend stopped by with a Asus P5B and a E6600 CPU.


we Installed Kalyway Leo 2 times first with AHCI on a Raptor 150GB HD


xBench showed 64 score on the HD test and overall 165 Points


2nd Install was SATA set to IDE Mode and the HD score went up to 78 but overall Performance stayed about 167

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