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  1. I too have successfully installed Leopard in a Maxtor One Touch III mini 80gb. I've tried flatimage, toh, brazil, uphuck, kalyway and it all worked. I also tried both GUID and MBR. If you ask me about performance between the two: X-bench / GeekBench results are almost identical. There are claims that GUID is faster as it should but benchies did not agree. However, the "Feel" of using GUID is faster for me .. lol .. I know this is only psychological .. You can try it yourself to find out =D You might have better (hopefully not worse) experience with GUID. gl
  2. jabonga

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3

    hi, I just purchased GA-P35-DS3L like yours. I'm still waiting for the parts to be shipped so I dont have it right now. I'm hoping that I can get all the kext needed so I won't have problems with the installation =) Could you please upload the kexts/installers needed for this motherboard to work? Like the Ethernet, IDE, audio (if you found the solution) and anything else that you think is important. Since this motherboard is getting popular for hacks (super cheap!), it would be great if you can do this for all current/future users of this mobo. I have a 7300LE graphics card so the Nvinject you used will be helpful if you upload too =) Also, are there pointers we should consider before installing? Like bios settings (AHCI, Native ..blabla) .. a guide would also be great =) I think some steps for the DS3R wont work with the DS3L since they have 2 different southbridge chipsets. I think they have 2 different integrated audio as well (not sure though if DS3R has 889a and DS3L has 888) .. Thank you and Happy New year everyone!!!
  3. Hi KlyX, Good guide =D I'm just curious about the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext you got inside the zip file. Where did you get that? I noticed that the version is 1.5.2? Did you happen to get this version from 10.5.2 beta? usually its 1.4.20 and 1.5.18 (from 10.5.1) THank you =D
  4. jabonga

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Hi, I think I made some kind of progress. I used cloudrainstar com.apple.boot.plist and removed Natit.kext from the Extensions folder and my X3100 was detected!! BUT: I still see the white distorted screen which signifies it is set to a resolution which is not supported (800x600@60) .. So again, I enabled voice over (alt+F5) and changed resolution using the keyboard until I reached 1024x768 which showed the right images. I did all this without the Natit.kext! =) Now I guess my next problem is how to edit the x3100-string that came with cloundrainstar to add 1280x800 resolution. Out of curiousity, I converted that string (cloudrainstar) to plist and added some information like (1)EDID, (2)Height, (3)Width, (4)refresh rate only .. I don't know the other stuff so I just didn't add it. *Those information was copied from the plist from an original mac book 13.3 dump (except EDID ofcourse, I used mine) Then, Converted it back to hex and pasted it on my com.apple.Boot.plist. This time when It booted, its just the blue screen. It only means that the 4 lines I added which are EDID, Height, Width, Ref rate caused the blue screen problem. Are there other lines that should I add in the plist? (I see backlight, .., etc from the original mac book) Cloudrainstar, If you can read this, great job! THank you for your edited string . Is there a way to add 1280x800? I know its almost close, it just the resolution problem. If you can edit that string you have and just put resolution to it, that would be great. THank you so much.
  5. Hi again, This is just a follow up question. I forgot to ask it with the first one (sorry) Will IDE work? Will IDE DVD or IDE HDD be detected? Can you make an IDE HDD be the boot drive for osx86? or Boot from the IDE DVD? Thanks again. =)
  6. jabonga

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Pomalink, Greetings! Yes, SwitchResX/DisplayConfigX is the solution to our problem (Sony). I also agree that SwithResX is "forcing" our displays to show x800. However, I'm kinda bothered of the "forcing" thing =( I think what I'm trying to do now is making Sony laptops to show x800 without forcing it by using 3rd party apps (SwitchresX). Right now, I'm trying my luck with gfx-string and I'm starting to get a hang of it. Yesterday, I didn't totally understood anything about efi-gfx, but now I somewhat understand it a little. However, I'm still unlucky with gfx-string. Another reason why I'm not that confident with SwitchResX/DisplayConfigX is because of the timings. I don't know what values to put on those boxes under timings. I tried to get my Standard/Detailed Timings from Windows (using Phoenix) but it is totally different from what SwitchResX is asking for, like Back Porch? Front Porch? huh? ... etc ... Also, SwitchResX is using a fake EDID (Correct me if I'm wrong) because when I check it on: /System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e/DisplayProductID-717 <<< This is the file that SwitchResX emulated for it to show x800 .. it is generic using Plist Editor Pro, the EDID is soooo different from my real EDID (got from Windows). Anyway, I also edited this DisplayProductID-717 file and put the correct EDID and it worked. I don't know if it made a difference or what .. I havent tried doing tests yet. By the way, I also found a way for my laptop (Sony) WITHOUT using an EXTERNAL monitor and SwitchResX =) Just Natit.kext and DisplayProductID-717 that SwitchResX made (this is after editing/forcing SwitchResX to show 1280x800). Ofcourse, this is only applicable for the next reinstall. Happy New Year!!!
  7. Wow, Thank you guys for your reply. I think I was misinformed about AHCI in P35-DS3L .. I thought it was standard that ICH9 doesnt have AHCI ... It is good to know that it was wrong. Now Im happy with my DS3L ... THanks again =)
  8. Hi, I just bought a GA-P35-DS3L mobo (ICH9) for $85+ - not yet opened because I'm still waiting for the proc I was wondering if I should return it because it is said that ICH9 doesnt have AHCI. On the other hand, GA-P35-DS3R $130+ has ICH9R which has AHCI. Ofcourse, it is obvious that ICH9R is better but right now I'm on a strict budget. If ICH9R is worth it, I will take of $30-40 from my other computer parts (like case, HFS, etc) to still meet the budget. My questions are: Is AHCI really worth $30-40? Is there really a BIG difference with a system that has AHCI vs NO AHCI? I'm NOT planning to use RAID. If there is a difference, what are those? Like boot up speed, transfer rates, etc .. Is ICH9R more COMPATIBLE with ICH9??? Please help me decide. ATM, I'm planning not to buy the heatsink + fan ($30 worth, I might be forced to use stock HF) just suffice the AHCI urge. Someone said that ICH9 is just marketing {censored} and ICH9R is FTW... What do you think? Ofcouse, I'm only interested on how AHCI performs in Leopard OSx86 .. I'm not even planning to install Windows on this system. Thank you so much
  9. jabonga

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    hey pomalink, Thanks for the info. I was actually aiming to solve the problem WITHOUT the use of External display =) I have a way to make it (without Ext. monitor) but you have to use DisplayconfigX and its fairy simple too. You won't need an external monitor and you won't see the white distorted screen =) AFAIK, this is only applicable to Sony Laptops. I've guided someone from irc with a sony and it worked =) Now, I'm curious about forcing it to display x800. Is it the real x800 or was it only emulated or forced by SwitchResX or DisplayConfigX? I fear that its not the "real" x800 and I'm trying to find a way to make x800 native without the use of any program which I believe is efi-gfx. I also don't know what to put in the "timing" settings within DisplayConfigX or SwitchResX. Should I get it from Windows? or guess and just put stuff in my Timing settings .. lol ATM, I'm not lucky with EFI-GFX because of one good reason. >>> I don't know what the hell I'm doing! lol I hope someday I will.
  10. Skitals: Hi, thanks for the info about the GA-P35-DS3L because I'm about to order this mobo =) I just have a few question before I buy it, 1) Does Shutdown work properly? Are you having issues whatsoever? 2) Also, earlier on your post, you said that only 2 sata ports were working. With this setup, was AHCI enabled or also disabled? Then you found out the solution from Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD that made all sata ports working BUT AHCI was disabled. 3) I'm kinda bothered about the AHCI being disabled, does it degrade the performance? AHCI enabled or not, big difference? In my case I only have 1 SATA device so It doesnt matter if only 2 SATA ports are working as long as AHCI is enabled (if it actually matters). 4) How about IDE, does it work? THank you very much.
  11. jospjn: i think you need to use the ppf to fix that issue. I suggest you go to the irc channel and ask help. ZosoM3: Thank you for the information you shared, Its sooo helpful. Im still waiting for the parts to be shipped. I got the DS3L ... damn, egg price is increasing =( I should have bought the mobo 3 weeks ago which is $15 cheaper (with freeshipping) .. now its more expensive and HAS SHIPPING!!!
  12. jabonga

    Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Hi, In my case with X3100 (Sony), iatkos will not work too (white screen) which is a resolution problem. The reason why there are no Extensions folder in the iatkos DVD is because it is only using Extension.mkext .. Someone from IRC who tested with the makers actually gave me the working Extension.mkext which they (the makers) gave him. They removed all AppleIntelGMAX3100* kext ... so mine booted ok without the white screen problem. Also, they will release the ppf tomorrow. BTW, -x -v -(whatever) will not work since its only using Extensions.mkext and it is forced to load every driver included there. The working Extensions.mkext (only for X3100 problems = White or Black Screen). Just wait for the PPF to be released. Now that the booting from iatkos live dvd is solved, my new problem is AFTER installation. As expected, I still encountered the same white screen problem (same with ToH and brazil) and be forced to use my old fix technique (the same fix I used with toh/brazil). In Kalyway, I also encountered the same. They way I look at it, same systems with X3100 has different solutions (case to case basis). That is going to be hard for releases to have a universal fix for all X3100 regardless of what manufacturer (brands). It seems its true. Acer with X3100 have minimal problems with Leopard osx86 compared to Dell/Sony/ and others. Now I envy Acer users =( It looks like gfx-string is our only hope (Non-Acer brands). I dunno. Until then, ill just stick with SwitchResX / DisplayConfigX which I believe uses a fake EDID and it doesnt give me the feel of a real mac =( Well come to think of it, its better than nothing =) Happy Holidays everyone!
  13. Hey ZosoM3 ... thanks for your reply. I think Ill just go for the DS3L .. thanks for your confirmation ... Ill go ahead and order it now! Btw, just curious, what HeatSink/Fan did you use? Did you buy a different one or did you use the stock one? Thanks!
  14. I'm also planning to buy the: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L I believe this motherboard has an ICH9 south bridge chipset not like the GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R version with has ICH9R. I'm not doing raid so I dont think ill go for the ICH9R. But other than that, is ICH9 good for Leopard? I think ICH9R is doing fine. Now, I second that question (from poster)! Can anybody confirm that the GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L works with Leo using EFI_v8? Does it bring a lot of issues when installing it or after installing it? ATM, im more concerned with the DS3L version because it $40 cheaper that the DS3R. I only have 2 days to decide =( Please help... Thank you very much
  15. Hi, I have a laptop and I normally dont touch the partitions of my internal laptop HDD. I always install my Leopard using an External USB hdd (using MBR) and everything seems ok. Now, I want to try GUID. My internal hdd's assignment is disk0s1 (NTFS, Vista) // my usb hdd assignment is disk1s1 (My Leo) My question is, by doing the guide carefully, will it endanger my disk0s1 (where my Vista stays) in ANY way? I'm not sure how GUID works but I just dont want to mess up the internal hdd of my laptop. Disk Utility shows that all my partitions are there (vista, NTFS) and external hdd (where my osx86 Leo mbr is installed). One of the instructions is to unmount all existing hard drives. Do I still have to unmount my NTFS partitions? Please help. THank you very much.