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Critical decision: to build a hackintosh or not. Need your help.

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So I've been rummaging through these forums for awhile now just getting the feel of the technical details, lingo, etc. of how to build a hackintosh. It's all a little daunting to be honest. I acquired an empty G5 chassis about two years ago with the hopes of building a system that would run both OSX and Windows; essentially a OSx86/VMWare/Windows setup, and the OSx86 Project made that dream possible. So I've essentially been racking my brain for the past 6 months or so over whether I should even build the thing or just buy a Mac and call it a day. Factors involved in the decision:



  • Short-term Cost: building a Core 2 Quad Q6600 hackintosh will likely be less expensive than getting a high-end iMac or Mac Pro, even with all other components considered
  • Long-term Cost: hackintosh will be flexible given some tweaks to kexts and such if I change out any components over time, as opposed to buying a Mac and being stuck with whatever is in it forever
  • Redudancy: building a hackintosh would reduce redundancy of having two machines running separate OSes (Hackintosh with Windows via VMWare VS. 2 machines--an iMac and a Windows desktop [in a G5 case], for instance) (Only qualm I have about the latter config is that the Windows machine is basically obsolete with an iMac sitting right next to it since there's always Bootcamp; therefore wasted time and money even making the Windows desktop [mind you, in a damn beautiful G5 case that I don't want to give up or put to waste])
  • Maintenance vs. time: I read in a post last night that hackintoshes are very volatile; any update from Apple or something could make things inoperable, if my understanding is right. Correct? I'm a senior undergrad student and graphic designer on payroll and I don't have all the time in the world to troubleshoot the machine when I've got 4 design projects likely due in the next 72 hours and clients breathing down my collar
  • The Challenge: I've been building my computers since I was a kid and like the challenge of it, even though I'm not the person that knows 110% of the time what to do when things go wrong. And I definitely won't know what will go wrong if I choose to build a hackintosh, back to the maintenance vs. time issue
  • The G5 Case: I really don't want to put this G5 case to waste. But there's complications: making the front interface circuitry work how it should, creating makeshift adapters and such so PC parts can fit in there. And if I get through all that, I just don't it to be a Windows machine with a pretty Apple designed exterior. OSX has to be on there to really make it worthwhile....

.... and so with that, to build the hackintosh in that G5 case, or to not. Hard road, or the easy (yet unsatisfying) one? Of course, if you do a simple calculation, the benefits of doing a hackintosh outweigh the benefits of buying a Mac. But do the disadvantages of the hackintosh, plus my dilemma with that damn G5 case I don't wanna give up, outweigh the cost-disadvantage of buying a Mac.


I need your help on this one.



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