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i need Ati x1550 & RTL8211 driver

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thanks, X1300 working but don't work widescreen resulotion... 1400x1024 maximum working and bad view... i need 1680x1050...





Search for NatitX1300 (Installer).

Works like a charm on my Club3D ATi Radeon X1550 with 512MB. As far is a know the X1550 is a X1300 in disguise :(

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X1550 128MB vram. it worked for me perfectly. Use Natit-auto.kext Dont use any other. But delete any other ATIinject or Natit or even ATIradeonX1000 kexts. I got full 1680x1050 resolution with Natit-auto, but no QE/CI. Anyway that was before I finally gave in and bought Geforce 8600GT and I am loving it.

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