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  1. Yeah, this was even featured on some major german news sites, for example Spiegel-Online (The headline reads: "Cheap imitation: US-Company builds Apple-Clone for 400$"). My only concern is, that Apple comes to the conclusion that they have to fight the whole X86-Project to avoid such companies from selling Hardware as MacOS-Compatible or even with MacOS preinstalled. Interesting will be what the courts will say about Apples EULA
  2. i need Ati x1550 & RTL8211 driver

    Graphic-Card: Search for NatitX1300 (Installer). Works like a charm on my Club3D ATi Radeon X1550 with 512MB. As far is a know the X1550 is a X1300 in disguise
  3. Language Packages

    @xdaneo Da kann ich nur danke sagen P.S.: In der URL ist ein "http://" zu viel drin, sollte aber jeder schnell merken.
  4. If this will be implemented my OSX times will be gone like my Windows times. But I've big hope the OSX86 guy will find a way to bypass this
  5. The "Mac Guy" was Right

    Hö?! Would like to know how you explain why buying more music correlates to beeing more creative. Sounds a little stupid, sorry - like a statement directly from the homepage of the RIAA And buying music doesn't necessarily mean that you love it. I love music, iTunes is running all day long and often i just relax and listen to my huge archive of classical and electronic music (ripped CDs from my dad - he has nearly everything), but i would never buy a DRM-crippled version with 128 or 192 bit and only CDs that you can rip without problems. And believe me, here in Germany I'm surely not the only one thinking this way, so this stats are nonsense in my opinion. Oh and yeah, i definitly would call my self a creative. I work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (Textmate for coding) as a Web- & Printdesigner and earn good money while i'm studying. So i did in my old Windows days too (yes i had to use a crappier texteditor )
  6. Throttling....Hardware?

    What i think? Western Digital is now banned from my purchase list (from whereever i am responsible for buying hardware) forever and if i had bought this piece of hardware yet i would call my lawyer.
  7. Where is Safari 3?

    Is there any chance for a 10.4.9 User to get the final Version of Safari?
  8. How to locate your dock

    Ok, i remembered by myself : Lock the Dock Open the Terminal and type in the following: defaults write com.apple.dock contents-immutable -bool true osascript -e 'tell application "Dock" to quit' (Note: You need to restart the dock for the actions to take change) Unlock Open the Terminal and type in the following: defaults write com.apple.dock contents-immutable -bool false osascript -e 'tell application "Dock" to quit'
  9. How to locate your dock

    Hello there, i've tried to find a solution for my problem by searching this forum, but didn't find anything related to what i was looking for, as the search-function of this forum really s*cks. So does anyone know how to prevent the dock from applications or folders or whatever beeing added accidently? I know that it works but unfortunatly i forgot which file to change... Thanks in advance.
  10. Learn the truth about 9/11!

    > Bah, I'm over 9/11, and I'm sure a lot of the world is. I don't think so. Here in Germany alone, many people question the official version, as there are too many inconsistencies. > Who cares if the Bush admistration lied to us? We know they lie all time anyway. > He'll be gone soon, and all this'll be a bad memory... The problem is, that here in Germany and in fact in whole Europe (in the U.S. anyhow), the 9/11 attacks as well as some attacks that followed are used to cut our civil rights. With the "threat of our western lifestyle" in the heads of the people you can force the absurdest laws through. This mechanism where used by Hitler as well as by the U.S. Government to originate the Vietnam war and in many other cases too. It's no secret — you can research that for yourself, this are widely known facts.
  11. Web Application/Site Languages

    Backend: RoR, PHP Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS of course Thats it
  12. How stable is your OSx86 machine?

    Rock solid and even faster than the MacPro @ work Also i like it more because its all passivly cooled and thus noiseless
  13. HFS+ Partition Error

    Ich habe exakt das selbe Problem, hat schon jemand eine Lösung? Jedes Mal zum Booten von MacOS die DVD einzulegen ist irgendwie doof ;D
  14. Thanks very much, it works. A big problem was to open the packed chain0 file from windows. You need the Stuffit Expander Deluxe which you can only try if you give them your credit-card-number (they will charge you automatically if you don't cancel within 30 days, very s****). Plz use more common formats like .tar.gz or .rar if possible...
  15. How can I Edit com.apple.boot.plist?

    Works nearly fine. "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32" in my com.apple.Boot.plist results in 1400x1050 (unchangable). A real progress in contrast to the formerly unchangable 1024x768. But does anyone know why it works only with 1400px and not with 1680? Edit: ?video at Startup shows that there are only 4:3 ratio resolutions like 1024x768, 1280x1024 etc. available. Is there any trick to get 16:10 ratio resolutions like 1280x800 enabled?