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Can I get a desktop CPU Gauge like the one in Vista?

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Don't get me wrong, I am a Mac man all the way. But there is one thing that I like in Vista; the CPU and Memory gauges in the Windows sidebar. I want something similar in 10.5.


I tried this: I found a dashboard gadget that displayed CPU and Memory usage. I found a program that would allow me to put it on the desktop. The problem: the program that allowed me to park it on my desktop would only update the gauge every minute at the fastest... useless.


Does anyone know of a way that I can park those Windows Vista gauges (or something very similar, and functional) on my 10.5 desktop?


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i use iStat.. it is a freeware.. got it from apple.com


it puts the gauge on your toolbar, right beside the time and date.. you can customize how long it will update.. i have mine every 10s..

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for just cpu usage, i use activity monitor that comes with OSX in applications -> utilities and let it sit in the dock. once you open activity monitor you can have the dock icon act as your CPU usage meter by going to view -> dock icons -> show cpu usage.

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