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Disk utility doesn't recognise my Hard Disk


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Click here for my problem.


I have a Laptop Acer Aspire 5520G:


-AMD Turion64 X2 TL-60: 2.0 GHz (2x512 KB L2 cache)


-NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G 128MB


If anything else is needed I will write.


Thank you and sorry for my english.




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"...made mac os drive FAT32 and primary..."


Did you choose disk utility when you boot the CD and format it with Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)?


Sorry, didn't read the entire thing. I don't know much about EBIOS errors.

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well actualy it doesn't show ebios error anymore. I edited my post and wrote what it says now: press any key to install 7,6,5,4,...(countdown) and then it says can't load list or something. I can't see it because it's so fast. Maybe I should download different DVD?




-It says please press any key to install mac os.

-I press the key and this shows:







-It says please press any key to install mac os.

-I just leave it alone until countdown ends, now this shows:



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I downloaded 10.4.7 JaS and got the same error! Come on really nobady can't help me??


I followed this instructions:


I'm downloading and burning DVDs like crazy but I'm sure there is a simple way to solve my problem...

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Here I am again like i'm talking to myself :)


I tryed every posible DVD and it's still not working. I tryed Verbatim DVD+-R, Sony DVD-R, Philips DVD-R, Fujifilm DVD-R, Creation DVD-RW,Intenso DVD+R,... I burned it at 1x, 4x,8x speed with Clone DVD, Nero, MagicISO, PowerISO ...nothing works!


I will burn another mac version and try it again...

But I'm so confused because I didn't get EBIOS error on the VMWare and everything worked fine :(


Because nobady is helping this should be like my blog topic lol :)

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Ok I solved ebios error problem. I just taped f8 for a few times (until installation shows) before dvd booted and it worked....


Now My Hard disk is not recognised in Disk Utility.


I have 3 partitions:


Windows xp (C:) NTFS primary, active: 100GB

Mac os x FAT32 primary: 100GB

Shared (F:) FAT32: 32GB


I made this with Acronis Disk Director Suite like this guide shows: http://www.anyizhu.com/mediawiki/index.php...tallationGuides


I have a jas 10.4.8, Serial ATA Western Union Hard Drive and nvidia nForce 560 motherboard.




can u please help me with this?

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