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  1. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Wow. Lots of posts! Yeah, I have moved on to real Macs. I am selling my Hackintosh now. I love the real mac experience. For a few questions I saw: - I Use vanilla. - PS/2 can be fixed by using USB KB and Mouse. They're nicer anyway. XD - This works for 10.5.3. 10.5.4 is safe to just install via Software Update for INTEL, not AMD.
  2. Ethernet

    Ok, I have this card, the WUSB54G v4. Its seen as Ethernet. I have a 945GCT-M v3. It says Ethernet works OOTB. Now, because the USB card is seen as Ethernet, i don't think my real port works. Is there a way to enable both? I want to share an internet connection with another Mac. (iMac G3 that cannot use AirPort) Thanks!
  3. Apple Time Capsules on sale at Best Buy!

    Maybe he is confused that the're on sale.... Either that o he just bought one and now they are on sale..
  4. Should I buy an iPhone and Crack or not?

    "Cracking" AKA Jailbreaking just adds the ability to add applications to the iPhone, or to make it useable with non AT&T plans. say wait for the App Store to debut to get apps without jailbreaking and voiding warranties and all that stuff. Besides, after I Jailbroke my iPod Touch, it led to problems, so I say stay away from it, In my opinion.
  5. Xbox Live Cam

    Ok guys, I think he gets the point. Back to the thread please? Anyways, yes, that cam will work OOTB. I might borrow one from my friend to se Photo Booth. PS: Sorry Think Mark, I was a little heated up. I know I shouldn't have said all that. This is a bad place to release anger, isn't it?
  6. Xbox Live Cam

    Dude, I don't want to start fights, but seriously? I have seen some of your posts, and they are pretty ignorant. Maybe people want something cheap, something they can buy that is at a store nearby, and that will work. Who CARES it it has Microsoft on it. Heck, The MacBooks in my Apple Store have XP dual-booting on them. Apple Stores are not the only good stores. I hate huge Apple Fanboys. I am not a Microsoft fan either, I actually dont lik them one bit, but I'll buy their cam. Why? It WORKS! I don't wanna pay $100+ to get an APPLE LABELED iSight. NO! I buy that little cam thats in the bargin bin up at Game Stop, and use it. I don't care I like Apple, but if it means I cannot use products that DON'T have an Apple on them, then who wants that? Guess I gotta wait for that Apple Camera. Or the Apple Speakers. I think you need to keep your personal ways of not using Microsoft stuff and using ONLY Apple products or products sold at an Apple Store, to yourself. My 2 cents right there.
  7. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    You are wrong. It will not work.You will STILL have to run the script for removing the CPU kext. You still cannot replace all the kexts, because it has to install the update after rebooting, and any others not in there from before running the installer will make an endless reboot or a KP. Active Directory Addresses issues which could hinder or prevent binding Mac OS X 10.5.x clients to Active Directory domains. AirPort Improves connection reliability and stability Includes 802.1X improvements. Resolves certain kernel panics. Back to my Mac Adds support for more third-party routers, as detailed in this article. Dashboard Improves performance of certain Apple Dashboard widgets (such as Dictionary). Addresses an issue in which Dashboard widgets may no longer be accessible after switching to or from an account that has Parental Controls enabled. Dock Updates Stacks with a List view option, a Folder view option, and an updated background for Grid view. Desktop Addresses legibility issues with the menu bar with an option to turn off transparency in Desktop & Screen Saver preferences. Adjusts menus to be slightly-less translucent overall. iCal Improves iCal so that it accurately reflects responses to recurring meetings. Addresses an issue in which a meeting may remain on the calendar after being cancelled. Addresses stability issues related to .Mac syncing of iCal calendars. Resolves an intermittent issue in which editing an event with attendees would cause the event to shrink and not register that the event was updated. iChat Addresses an issue with simultaneously-logged in accounts in which iChat sounds generated from one account might be heard in another account. Fixes an issue in which iChat idle time is affected by Time Machine backups. Improves connectivity when running iChat behind a router that doesn’t preserve ports. Enables logged chats from previous versions of iChat to open faster and more reliably. Addresses an issue with text chats in which users may be unable to receive messages from the sender. Addresses an issue that may prevent rejoining an AIM chat room without reopening iChat. Addresses video chat compatibility issues with AIM 6 and third-party routers. Fixes an issue with case-sensitivity of AIM handles. iSync Adds support for Samsung D600E and D900i phones. Finder Addresses an issue in which Finder could unexpectedly quit when displaying folder contents in Column view. Addresses an issue in which Finder could unexpectedly quit when accessing Users and Groups in a Get Info pane. Resolves an issue that prevented setting permissions on a folder alias. Resolves an issue in which the Eject command could write to a disc in the optical drive. Fixes an issue in which the scroll bar might disappear when deleting a file within a folder that includes files that are out of view. Fixes an issue in the Sharing & Permissions section of Get Info windows, in which the gear icon appears to be gray/disabled after authentication. Addresses an issue in which the Show Icon Preview preference might not be not saved when turning it off. Fixes an issue that could occur when trying to print an image from the Finder. Mail Addresses an issue with Message menu's Mark > As Read choice. Fixes an issue in which duplicate On My Mac folders may appear in the sidebar after upgrading to Leopard. Improves the accuracy of the Data Detectors feature. Resolves an issue with scrolling through a Note that is displayed using the split view in the message window. Fixes an issue with deleting messages located in the Drafts folder. Fixes an issue in which dragging the icon in the Safari URL field into a Mail message creates an attachment instead of a link. Addresses an issue found when opening a item in the Notes folder that is not a Note. Fixes an issue that may prevent RSS feeds from being delivered in Mail. Resolves an issue in which a selected message could "flash" from blue to gray when in Organize by Thread mode. Fixes an issue with scrolling between multiple To Dos in an email message. Fixes an issue in which the body of email messages with certain MIME structures may not be displayed. Improves performance with America Online (AOL) account-based messages in Mail. Addresses issues with some ISPs during automatic set-up in Mail. Addresses an issue in which Mail might not send mail on some networks to some SMTP servers. Mail now automatically disables the (unsupported) third-party plugin GrowlMail version 1.1.2 or earlier to avoid issues. Adds an option to view large icons in the Mailbox list. Networking Addresses a hanging issue that may occur when connecting to an AFP network volume. Parental Controls Improves stability when opening the Parental Controls System Preferences pane. Fixes an issue that may prevent changes to the email address for permission requests. Addresses an issue with printer administration for a guest account enabled with Parental Controls. Addresses an issue with setting printer administration privileges from another Mac on the local network. Fixes an issue that could prevent certain applications from being allowed. Addresses accuracy issues with the web content filter. Preview Improves stability when scrolling through a PDF document. Fixes an issue that prevents tabbing within a PDF document after clicking on the PDF. Improves the Mail Document feature so that email attachments are more reliably created from Print Preview. Printing Addresses an issue in which remote printers may be deleted when the computer is put to sleep. Improves printing performance when using some Microsoft Office applications. Resolves an issue with some printing options, such as landscape orientation, number of copies, two-sided printing, and so forth that may not have functioned with some printers shared by Microsoft Windows. Adds support for certain printers connected to the USB port of an AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express base station. Resolves a stalling issue that could occur when installing certain Canon printing software from a disc. RAW Image Adds RAW image support for several cameras, as detailed in this article. Safari Addresses issues with Safari reliably resolving certain domains. Login and Setup Assistant Addresses an issue in which Setup Assistant could unexpectedly appear each time Mac OS X 10.5 starts up. Improves stability and performance during log in. System Improves the accuracy of the grammar checker. The computer will now shut down if an automatic disk repair does not succeed during startup. Time Machine Adds a menu bar option for accessing Time Machine features (the menu extra can be enabled in Time Machine preferences). The status menu appears by default. Improves backup reliability when computer name contains slash or non-ASCII characters. Fixes an issue in which the backup disk displayed in the Finder may be out of sync with the disk chosen for Time Machine. Addresses issues in which some external drives are not recognized by Time Machine. Other Improves general stability when running third-party applications. Addresses an issue in which the incorrect search results may be displayed for certain Automator Find/Filter actions. Addresses an issue with the Latvian and Russian keyboard layouts. Addresses an issue in which the backlight could turn off before Energy Saver's backlight setting. ENJOY!
  8. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Hmmm, I think most people here are using Kalyway.I'm honestly not sure if you can do it on iATKOS.Are you using PC_EFI and Vanilla Kernel? You have to in order to get it working. You will need to use a USB keyboard and mouse to restore your AppleACPIPlatform.kext and AppleSMBIOS.kext.Then you will have it back. ** REMEMBER TO REPAIR PERMISSIONS AFTERWARD! ** Or you can use KextHelper. Try the install again, but this time don't copy them back, yet. Re-install them after you reboot, and see if it will work again. Good luck!
  9. How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    Last login: Tue Mar 11 10:48:50 on console devins-mac-pro:~ Devin$ diskutil list /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *149.1 Gi disk0 1: Windows_NTFS Windows XP 20.0 Gi disk0s1 2: 79.0 Gi disk0s3 3: Apple_HFS Leopard 50.0 Gi disk0s2 devins-mac-pro:~ Devin$ sudo diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk0s1 disk0s2 Password: The chosen disk does not support resizing, do you wish to format instead? (y/N) n Merge canceled devins-mac-pro:~ Devin$ "The chosen disk does not support resizing, do you wish to format instead? (y/N)" Is that normal? Sorry, my bad. I was looking at the left numbers and not the right side ones. Sorry.
  10. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Thats why I recommend you use this method. Kalys' way is REALLY buggy. Look around the forum, and see if you can find a solution. If not, you might have to backup what you can and re-install.
  11. Want Hackintosh! [Buy] [Hire}

    Can't you just upgrade the processor on Mini? You can. I don't know about a quad core, cut maybe you could.
  12. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    -f or no -f, its a panic either way. Strange, its on google, and there is a lot to do with linux for that. I'm honestly not sure what that means, or how to fix it. Look around the forums.
  13. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    BAD BAD BAD! lol Reinstall, and next time, only copy over needed ones, such as some you had to add to get sound, etc. If you didn't have to add any to get stuff working, don't worry about replacing any kexts.
  14. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Sorry man Make sure this time to backup all kexts, and to also replace any ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Say, like me, you added one for graphics and sound, just replace those. You don't need to replace all of them to have the update work. I'll be here if you need any more help. I can also be contacted at my hackintosh email: hackintosh.devin@gmail DOT com - Just make DOT a period. (Prevents bots for getting my email)