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Crashes when i PUSH it a lot..! (nothing moves)


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tha crash will happen for example if i open in flash 20 .fla files at once

sometimes it crashed with the red icon rolling ,i could move the mouse but not click ,nothing was responding

also apple motion crashed when i put a lot of effects in the project

but soundtrack Pro also crashed when i rendered an effect ,no video but AUDIO in this

so it's not the video card but something with cpu or ram!

the ram is ok at pc i test it ,it's 4 sticks of 1gb from the same brand

when i say crash nothing moves ,not even the mouse

in soundtrack pro it was different ,i had kernel panic (grey screen suddenly: please reboot your hardware etc etc)

i didn't know that a kp like this can happen inside osx!

my specs are in the signature ,what could it be?

my pc is overclocked but i tested it nonoverclocked and it crashed again when i pushed it open many files

could it be the temperature?

any good program FOR QUAD that i can trust to monitor the temps?

i downloaded "temperature monitor" but i'm not sure if it works ok

i tried both 3 kernels that are inside the kalyway installation (tohkernel,vanilla and the normal mach_kernel)

i need to fix this ,that's why i need a mac..to push it

i had 9 programs running at the same time in 9 spaces and it was WONDERFULL!!

and then motion crashed.. ;)


what could it be?

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