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Intel 3945ABG driver for Leo 10.5.1


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i got it workin' width belkin USB


See Belkin Chipsets to determine which chipset Belkin is using in your FD7050. oddly enough belkin used 3-4 different chipsets depending on the revision. Happily, most of them are supported on a Mac. below is the info from that page in case it disappears. After that I'll pass on some links where you can get drivers.


CODEF5D7050 v.1xxxx Prism GT Prism54

F5D7050 v.2xxxx Ralink rt2x00

F5D7050 v.3xxxx man: 050d dev: 705a Ralink rt2x00

F5D7050 v.4001 man: 050d dev: 705c Zydas ZD1211

F5D7050 v.4xxxx man: 050d dev: 705c Zydas ZD1211


So if you have an Ralink based 7050, go here:



If it's Zydas, go here:



If it's a Prism GT, go here:



Good luck!



where can I read about my 3945ABG ??? nothing found eg. dont work... ;(

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its a mini pci wlan chip. you just replace it with a broadcom compatible one and it will be detected by the installer automatically.

Thats what I did for my Toshiba. By far the best way to go. Go to ebay and search for del 1390. Cost me 12 dollars plus shipping.



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looks like it didn't work I think Igot a kernal panic it said I need to restart and then would boot up I had to boot up in same mode (boot with -x) and run the uninstaller...*shakes fist* let me know how it works for you guys

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