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  1. for those having problems, 10.6.3 files are here and this LegacyBootCD.zip
  2. i should still have the first two - but looking for the EeeBox B202 Package for 10.6.5 - will post when I get back
  3. can someone please post 10.6.5 package? the link in the first post is invalid
  4. How misleading! Ignore that comment - I can confirm that on 10.6.5 I can run it through my Z-5500 via optical cable and get DTS surround. On vlc choose DTS audio (encoded) and the Z-5500 will pick this up and do the decoding. I will try the analog outputs later but at the very least you can have 5.1 surround via optical and have your receiver decode the audio.
  5. unfortunately it didnt work for me - it would go to sleep but then i have problems waking up as it would power up to a blank screen
  6. Dell XPS M1330 Hardware

    just curious - quite a few users are having some hardware problems with their graphics card here - possibly due to overheating: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=204772 my question is will running leo (or tiger) contribute to that?
  7. use kexthelper and the use the 9228 kext attached in the first post (you can find kexthelper via search) anyone noticed how the Dock's "view as -> grid" icons crashes osx if you fill it up completely with icons?
  8. Pyr0: can we load/unload IOUSBFAmily via applescript?
  9. i'm just reconfirming that sound works on mine perfectly whenever it is running on battery - once you have sound back you can plug in the power again
  10. thanks ranova - i'll try this over the weekend on my 1330
  11. thanks ranova - i'll try this over the weekend on my 1330
  12. number 6: make sure you set your partition active after installation. boot back using the install dvd and then run fdisk - from memory its something like fdisk -e /dev/rdisk[number] update f [number] w q (oh yea make sure you run the darwin bootloader and ensure it installs successfully first)
  13. ok guys i've been experimenting and i have an almost sure way of getting my audio back after a reboot - start up leopard as normal but with the power plugged in, if you find yourself without any audio from the speakers just unplug the power for a couple of minutes (go make some coffee), then when you try and set the volume it comes back on then you can plug in the power again. i think it seems there is something to do with the CPU speed setting, i could be wrong but it has worked every time for me
  14. ok here is what i found - during a cold boot up, sound does not seem to work on my machine - but once i hear the notebook fan start kicking in i just simply restart and i'll have sound again. problem now is trying to run apps that utilise 100% of the cpu/gfx card before restarting - maybe issues with cpu speed?
  15. interesting find however - some users like me cant get the laptop to wake from sleep, so it doesn't work as we have to reboot the machine