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Acer Aspire 4315-2004


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Hey there guys and gals! I have been looking for a cheap laptop that will run Leopard. I found the Acer Aspire 4315-2004, and It's a cheap laptop for sombody like me. The specs are on this page:




Now, how will this work with Leopard? Whats compatable and whats not? Like...



Graphics Card (I think its the same in MacBooks, isn't it?)


Thanks for your help!

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OK, so the graphics should work flawlessly. (Same as MacBook, so it should work, right? Or have those drivers been removed?)

What about the CPU? Is is Leopard capable? (Its a Celeron 1.7ghz)

What about the other stuff?


Please guys, I really like this community, but most of the times I never get answers.

Please help me out here. I hate waiting 4+ days for some help.


Thanks to anyone who can help out.

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Weird. Thats the same as in the MacBooks, so I would think QE/CI works fine.

I was going to add 1 or 2gb RAM Anyway.


EDIT: Yea, I'll br running Leopard so, I found this excerpt:

"Intel GMAX3100 fully working with Paulicat's natit.kext for X3100"



Not same model or laptop at all for that matter, but same graphics. Should work them, with that patch.

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I am not sure what your budget is but I bought an Acer Extensa 5620 from Best Buy when it was $749 - it was recently down to $599. X3100 works flawlessly, which can't be said for all laptops with that processor. I had to use the Natit.kext with Kalyway and cpus=1. No such problem with iATKOS and sound worked out of the box (though not headphones/mic - I use a USB sound card and a USB wireless dongle, both small). The screen is excellent, better than my HP and build quality and keyboard are both good. The webcam doesn't work - unless using an instant messenger application. I'm not so sure about the celeron. Can you up your budget a little? In terms of time is money, Dual Core or Core 2 Duo will save you a small fortune! The Celeron would probably be okay for basic operations but 512MB is useless.


You might want to consider going for a discontinued or used model. I use a HP DV6205US with 2GB of memory. Wifi and everything but the headphones and mic and card reader work with an effortless iATKOS install. It's Dual Core rather than Core 2 Duo but that's nothing but good news in terms of battery life.

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Well, I have a small budget of $325 USD.

So, I will most likely be going with my Hackintosh Pro, located in my signature.

Anyone know if thats good?


I check the HCL 10.5.1 and I think its all compatible.

That USB WiFi card has Mac Drivers, so thats why I chose it. Plus, after rebate, its free!


Any comments of either the laptop or my Hackintosh Pro would be greatly appreciated!

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