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How Leopard's Dock Should Of Functioned


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I was looking around Digg today and found a link to a video that shows how the 10.5 dock should have functioned like. And believe me; it is a lot better in beta than it is in current!!


So, during the beta stages of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) there were some key features that Apple decided to add to the new OS, and advertise publicly on their website in order to create buzz and get people excited about the new OS.


One of these features was what Apple calls “Stacks” in the new 3D glassy looking Dock area. Some people love the new dock, and the way the stacks work on the dock, some don’t. This article has nothing to do with either side.


Instead I’m going to show everyone the way it was “supposed” to be.

This is not a hack, this Dock was taken from one of the Leopard beta installations that was seeded to developers and beta testers before the official release. Up until the final release of Leopard, this part of the feature was not only present in the beta versions, but was also included in the description of the new Dock features on Apple’s website.


In fact, this capability still seems to be present in the current/final release code, at least it still has all the descriptions and settings intact. How to enable the feature? I’m not sure, maybe someone can figure that part out for us. All I know is that the feature is really cool, and useful and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it was ever removed or disabled.





See the video here: http://kuragari.com/2007/12/03/the-way-it-...supposed-to-be/

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