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Well, after about 175 hours and inching my way toward success, I have taken a baby step forward. I have finally installed Leopard on one of the six machines that I was trying to. But, as soon as it should display the icons on the screen, the screen goes black and it hangs. No errors, just hangs. I believe it might be video related since I did not install or take away any of the stuff that came with the TOH Leopard install disk. I did not set anything. I tryed to give it a -v -x -f -legacy -s ,etc. But, at the Darwin screen, it did not give me a chance. It just went to leopard.


Thanks to all the people who have taken their time to answer my questions. Especially One-Track and PCWiz.com for all of their help so far. I feel that I am close. My problems so far that stopped me where:



Geforce5 Panic

Get's to Leopard screen and goes black and stays there.

Shows Apple logo and then freezes


This happened on two intel machines and two amd machines using scores of install cds. I am looking forward. On christmas eve, I should recieve the 7300GT (512Meg) video card and the Conroe ASRock 1333 motherboard. These are the ONLY two items that are stopping my dual core E6400 machine from being compatible. I will build a new machine and maybe have more luck with it.

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