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boot boot0 boot1h hack ?


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I ran into the infamous "cursor stuck at upper left corner" issue: in order to start Leopard I have to leave the installation dvd in the drive, and then it will boot from hard drive.


I have read that in order to solve this issue (http://maconpc.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=11212) I need to use 3 files grabbed from a working Leopard operating system.


The files are called boot boot0 boot1h


Would someone be so kind to zip and send those to me ? Thanks

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as always, if you ask for help, state your hardware!


use google to search these forums for help based on your problem. google.com -> search: "<search terms> + insanelymac"


if your hardware is not compatible with pc_ efi, then I can't help you. Someone else probably can. If you don't know what pc_efi is, then search it. If you have a Core 2 CPU, you are probably fine. If it is compatible, then do this:


-download EFI Pack from http://rapidshare.com/files/75234066/EFI_Pack.zip.html

-copy EFI Pack and brazilmac patch to thumbdrive (but keep thumbdrive plugged in to the old (working) computer


boot into dvd, and open disk utility


find the name you chose for your leopard hard drive(Mac OS X Leopard for me) in the sidebar and select it, then click info. write down the Disk Identifier (mine is disk1s2)




**go back to your old computer, any one that works (let the new one be (that you are installing to)) and open up EFI.sh on thumbdrive/EFI Pack


Find this line, and change to this: Patch="/Volumes/thumbdrivename/EFI Pack/pc_efi_v80" (change thumbdrivename to the name of your thumbdrive, duh)


find this: EFI="/dev/rdiskXsY" and replace X and Y with what you got from the disk identifier from disk utility on the new computer (so i put /dev/rdisk1s2)


find this: DRIVE="/dev/diskX" and change X to the number you got from disk identifier (so i put /dev/disk1)


now copy brazilmac patch to thumbdrive, open up 9a581PostPatch.sh


change to Patch="/Volumes/thumbdrivename/brazilmac patch/leopatch"


change to Leo="/Volumes/leopardvolumename"


--be smart (by changing "leopardvolumename" to the name of your leopard hard drive, same for thumbdrivename)


now save the files and eject the thumbdrive


**go to new computer


in sidebar of disk utility, click on your volume and click unmount


quit disk utility


now plug the thumbdrive into the new computer


go to Utilities -> Terminal


cd /Volumes <press enter>


cd thumbdrivename <press enter> (put a forward slash [ \ ] before all spaces, apostrophes, and other symbols)


cd EFI\ Pack <press enter>


./EFI.sh <press enter>


It should say stuff, but no errors. this is important. read through what it tells you, and make sure there are no errors. if you get something like "file does not exist" then check the path names. This is bad


if its all good, continue. if not, fix it.


i said "N" to the reboot so i could check for errors. now that there are none:


reboot <press enter>


wait a little while for it to reboot(maybe 3-4 minutes if it appears to freeze, and then pull the plug (no harm done, it will still work))


at bios post, choose boot disk (means pressing F12), and choose the volume with leopard on it


if everything is as it should be, you will get this: "System config file 'blahblahblah' not found" (actually you already installed, so you should NOT see this). This is GOOD! if you get "verifying DMI Pool Data" and it hangs, you are in bad shape. make sure you didn't miss any steps, or screw them up. Use common sense, i MAY have missed something (lol haha). if your good, move on.


Hope that helps!



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