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as a new comer, I am planning to buy the following mobo with conjunction of my brand new q6600.


Would users post the following information using this template:


which build did you use(i.e:which leopard version and how you installed):

patches and how many:

video card:


Harddrive setup(i.e: 2 harrdrives, partitioned, etc.)

Computer Case:

ISSUES/BUGS(does the turn off/on work?)


also, I have an 8800 GT which I bought recently (I couldn't resist the price), should I keep it and wait if a newer version will support the new G92 cards? or should i return it and buy an 8800 GTS G80 card?


and if I'm going to wait, wait is this new iatkos about? should I wait for that to come out as well?



thank you for those who participated. I greatly need those who has successful installs with leopard because I am planning to have the same confirguration. ALso, an important thing for me is I want a MOBO that has the least issues( such as I can turn off and on, reconfiguration of the monitor?, etc)

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Probably a little late, but I have the exact same system you have (DS3R, q6600, 8800GT)


which build did you use: iATKOS 1.0ir2

patches and how many: Two patches to the motherboard to get the onboard sound working, one patch for the graphics card (Full CI/QE support)

video card: EVGA 8800GT

harddrive: Doesn't matter, but Maxtor 500gb SATAII/300

Harddrive setup(i.e: 2 harrdrives, partitioned, etc.): One hard drive, dual booting to Vista

Computer Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830

ISSUES/BUGS(does the turn off/on work?): Leo 10.5.1 crashes after changing Keyboard/Mouse options (still saves them though), can't get TF2 to work with crossover mac (I think its a heating issue, getting a better cooler this week), shutdown and restart is incomplete (Screen goes black and you have to hold the power button to turn off), but Sleep works perfectly.


I'm going to try Kalyway 10.5.1 tonight, and I have a feeling 10.5.2 is going to fix a lot of these problems.

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I have the DS3l(check Sig)


I used Kalyway 10.5.1

I used a HDApatcher for audio and Punk92 for video

Video card: 8800gts

Hardrive: WD 10k 70gb

Sata Setup : Port0 WD (leopard) Port1 Seagate 320 (windows and data) Port3 Sata DVD drive

Computer case: Antec 900

Issues: Turn off doesnt work well, Restart works 100 percent. Sleep Doesnt work. As with all ICH9, ports 3 and 4 (or last 2) dont work with AHCI enabled.


I also have Vanilla and EFI. Everythign else appears working 100 percent

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