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sloww internet


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my internet is soo slow i reinstalled leopard becuasei botched my ionetworking.kext



i really need to uinderstand how to fix this issue i tried using the pcgenrtl8139.kext but it fails when i try to install it..


tells me file or directory not found when copying it to the ionetworkingfamily.kext


is there a script that can install this



if soemone can create one i would owe you big time :D



or if anyone can walk me throught his


i woudl greatkly appreciate it.. mayeb i should have stuck with ubuntu?

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what is your hardware? hardware is critical.


can you post the exact commands you enter in, and what exactly you are trying to do?


are you copying a kext into another kext? or both into the extensions folder? are you doing this from teh dvd or from leopard?

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i have an asrock 775i65g mother board with onboard realtek 8139 ethernet controller


i tried to do what he pcgenrtl8139.kext info file said in its install readme.


but it doesnt seem to work ..


i dont have the ionetworkfamily.kext 1.5.1 i have 1.6.0 that came with the leopard install.


when i downloaded the 1.5.1 and copied it into extensions folder it told me that it was not installed properly and to reinstall.


i couldnt fix it and i reinstalled leopard (yikes it sucked doing it over)


now i just have the slow internet which is better than no internet.


but i would love to have my full speeds back it took me 25 min to download firefox ;)


i hope this is enough info? if you need more hardware specs let me know


thanks again for looking into my question :D

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so .. stupid me,., i found out that i dont really have realtek 8139 , thats jus twas leopard tells me i have , my motherboard manual says i have a realtek onboard pci lan 8101l


so i tried installing the realtekr1000 drivers that were on here. and they installed but i saw no difference in speed. same old slow internet.


i dont knwo what i shoudl do.. maybe purchase a ethernet card that runs native?


does anyone have any info.. should i have done soemthign else before i installed that driver?


disabled other drivers?

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i did see what you posted i typed it into dns server in network preferences.


but nothign changed it just added it to the list of greyed out dns servers .



im not really to sure whats goin on..


maybe i should wait for uphuck release? mayeb they will have updated drivers//


me so confused,.


i would love to understand my problem..

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