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Good Graphics Card?

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PowerColor X1650PRO 512MB GDDR2 128Bit DVI PCI-E Graphics card


The Radeon X1650 is designed to deliver outstanding entertainment and 3D graphics through its unique ultra-threaded core architecture and Avivo video and display technology. The Radeon X1600 Series is CrossFire Ready to deliver the ultimate gaming performance.


Experience state-of-the-art graphics technology and enjoy unparalleled gaming with the most advanced 3D performance technology including: a 90-nanometer process GPU, a new ultra-threaded core processing architecture and 256-bit ring-bus memory controller.


Graphics Engine - RADEON X1650

Video Memory - 512 MB DDR2

Engine Clock - 600 MHz

Memory Clock - 330 MHz x 2

Memory Interface - 128bit

DirectX Support - 9

Bus Standard - PCIE x16


This Graphics Card is one that fits my budget for a new PC but I wanted to know if it will be ok for Video Editing and Photoshopping and such. I aim to use it with my new box (1tb HDD 4gb RAM) running on Leopord. I won't be playing any games (I got my Xbox 360 for that). Maybe you could recommend a better card for around £30.


Thanks Alot

- Suhail

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I have a Radeon X1650 512MB and its pretty good for gaming, photo editing, video editing, etc. It was fully compatible with Tiger using modbin and kozlowski's fix but I don't know about Leopard. When you say £30 is that Euros or British Pounds?


The GeForce 7600GS is a very good card and you can pick it up for about $70.

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Yep 7300GS is good also, but if you are going with the 7300x series, you might as well go for a 7300GT instead of GS. The price difference isn't much and you get better performance.


EDIT: Also, Radeon X1650 Pro is reported fully working with Leopard :blink:

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