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Help Please! - Guidance needed for PayPal Integration


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While I have experience (fairly basic & self taught), in Dreamweaver and Photoshop for web design, scripting and an online shop may be a bit beyond me.

I have been asked to design an online shop, where users will be able to buy and sell items between themselves, while the site owner reaps a percentage of each sale.

Is there any way that I can do this without having to take a crash course in e-commerce?


Obviously, it needs to be safe, but easy to use for both the users and the owner of the site.

The site will may also incorporate a forum.


Is PayPal Express Checkout my best option? or is there another easier option??

The main users of the site will be college & university students - most of which would be PayPal familiar.


If anyone is interested in earing themselves some cash, then please quote for helping to set this site up. I can do design, and setup server and all I can if someone can guide me on using Zen Cart & PayPal, and also on setup of a basic forum, or even just a Shout box - for requests.

The Site will only be for a local audience to start with, then hopefully go national.

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