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ToH kernel panic after installing EFI v8


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This is driving me crazy 'coz I haven't manage to find any similar case on this forum.

I had tiger (fully working) and toh leo (no sound, limited graphic, but working) before i decided to install EFI.

After installing EFI, I booted in tiger with no problem, managed to update it using system update just like it's a real mac.


Rebooting in leo results in kernel panic.

Reinstalling leo results in kernel panic.

Verbose mode says something like:

Macos version:

Not set

Kernel is Darwin 9.0


Maybe brazilmac's will make me happy?


Any ideas are welcome.

If you need more informaion from verbose, I'll write it down and post it here.

Thanks in advance.

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extension com.appleacpiplatform has immediate dependencies of both com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components;

use only one style

here goes bunch of codes


error code 0x0000002


again bunch of codes


backtrace terminated - invalid frame pointer 0

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Hi crawly,


did you remove AppleEfiRuntime.kext.,CPUPowermanagement,

and with Toh´s kernel I had no luck with dsmos.kext Toh´s kernel runs without dsmos.kext


The vanilla kernel needs it, but no efiruntime and no cpupowermangement


Good Luck


Greetings !



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