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  1. Hi, the problem is solved 10.6.5 is running now on Zotac Ion A. It has been an issue with the ion graphic, the kernel works fine ! Bye ! Gary
  2. Hi to all, I tried toupdate my zotac ion a board from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5 with the new kernel, but I have errors...nullcpupowermanagement.kext doesn´t work anymore, so I got a kernel panic at the end of the combo installer, second ty : I erased the powermanagement kext from the system directly ater the installer has installed this stuff..no kernel panic anymore , but when I tried to rebot te system it hangs on acpi platform ...waiting for service appleintelcpupowermanagement has anybdy an idea what I should do now ? Greetings fom Gary and merry christmas to all !
  3. Hello, I found out that the sleep mode on this zotac board seems to run only with usb 1.1 This can explain why an usb 1.1 mouse-keyboard works properly with the sleep funktion. USB 2.0 high speed connections to harddisks, tv receiver sticks and other devices are killed after the board resumes from sleep. In the systen profiler are all usb ports shown as "internal" but it doesn´t matter sleep function is not perfect at this time is there anybody out, who can tell me how to improve the dsdt to get it fully working ? Thanks very much ! Greetings ! gary
  4. Hi noobidoo, That´s right, you should have hyperthreadind disabled at thist time. When you have finished your installation, and you´re running 10.6.2 with the atom-patched kernel, you can enable hyperthreading again and it will work.... About the ps2 keyboard I cannot help you, cause I use a usb keyboard, Greeetings ! gary
  5. hello to all ! I have installed 10.6.2 on my zotac Ion A board with this helpfull manual with succes, only one issue still remains. After wake up from sleep via usb keyboard I,ve lost allother usb devices on the desktop, eyetv isn´t working anymore. Has somebody else this issue too ? Can be there a solution ? thanks ! gary Hello, I would try to boot from esata disk first, it is much easier and should work from the beginning. I startet with usb too, without succes, tha I switched to an esata installation and it works. If you install 10.6 first , you need nullcpu...kext to avoide a kernel panic ,bye and much luck... gary
  6. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    Hello, did you try the new solution for snow leo...? This is the URL: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189891 Much luck! I have a retail 10.6.1 with chameleon on a p5q deluxe and it work great.... Greetings! Gary look at my new snow leo thread... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189891 Much luck ! Gary
  7. Hello to all, I wanna post a method to get sound with ad 2000b to work in snow leo. This is for asus p5q deluxe and some other asus boards (ASUS P5Q3, ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe, P6T Deluxe, ASUS Maximus II Formula, and more) We have to thank "The King" ,who made the AD2000b.kext for boot 132 Important: you need a retail installation of 10.6 snow leo, where you´re patched kexts are located in the extra folder. Chameleon bootloader does create an extra folder.The folder can be on a usb stick too. It depends on the way of installation you have choosed. You will need 3 kexts. First of all the ad2000b kext..... put it in the extra folder of chameleon or boot132 partition Second HDEFEnabler.kext put it in the extra folder and install it with kexthelper in the System/Library/Extensions Last HDAEnabler.kext put it in the extra folder and install it with kexthelper in the System/Library/Extensions That´s it, just restart your system, if sound doesn´t work restart your system again. Now it should work with the 32 and the 64 bit snowleo system ! Much luck Greetings from gary Files: Kexthelper http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzngetntjyj HDAEnabler.kext.zip HDEFEnabler.kext.zip AD2000b.kext.zip
  8. What´s aobout natit ? In my Leopard the ati 1950 XT needs natit.kext to run Greetings ! gary
  9. Hello jasjeet, thank you so much for posting, ethernet is working now I neede both kexts, the injector kext I tried alone did not work for me, but in combination with your other network kext it works fine...and there´s a good message If you put both kexts to your extra folder on a boot132 chameleon networking is working too ! It works with a retail installation...great, thank you and GREETINGS ! GARY PS: Next I will try is apple hda, I will post results here..
  10. hello jasjeet, could you send the kext please ? I´m working on this without sucess yet, is your audio ad2000b working ? the boot132 kext from the king worked great under 10.5.8 but not under 10.6 I have a feeling that there´s somethimg more to fix not only the kexts ..
  11. hello to all, installed snow leo on p5q deluxe , followed the instructions on this thread exactly.. snow leopards boots sucessfully in 64 and 32 bit....but I can´t get ethernet to work. I changed the numbers in terminal, but the system doesn´t see marvel yukon 88E8056 I´m not a beginner..the next I try was AppleYukon2Injector.kext in the extra folder. It has a modiefied info plist for the marvel adapter...result :network is now seen by the system- but i can´t transfer any bytes...it´s crazy..I think there´s something wrong with the 2200 bios, with dsdt or the plists I´m shure it cannot be solved with the kexts, cause all people seem to have the same kernel ext, but different results-sometimes it works-sometimes it works not... let´s find the solution ! Best ! Gary
  12. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    Hi the applehda.kext must be installed in the Sytem/Library/Extensions of your system, not in the boot 132 disk! I have no other audio related kexts in the extensions folder no azalia, no hdaenabler (cause it is integrated in the applehda.kext I´m running a vanilla kernel system 10.5.6 System Profiler shows: Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x10438311 Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: Headphone: Connection: 1/8 inch Jack Line Out: Connection: 1/8 inch Jack S/P-DIF Out: Connection: Optical Microphone: Connection: 1/8 inch Jack Bye ! Gary
  13. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    Hi M.J I have two systems, the first is a retail 10.5.6 with boot 132 method, and the second is a patched 10.5.6 on kalywell basis. Both systems are running without problems, I have no shutdown issue, maybe it is a bios configuration problem, I don´t know, the only issue I have is that I can´t boot the applehda.kext from usb stick... Greetings ! Gary
  14. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    Hi Thomas, just delete hdaenabler, you don´t need it. it is in the applehda plugin folder, maybe this is the reason, an there should be no appleazalia.kext in your extensions folder...Good luck, if this don´t work, delete the original applehda from extensionsfolder, and then reinstall with the ad2000b installer.. Gary !
  15. AD1988B front panel

    Hello, I´m sorry about it, and I don´t understand, very often these drivers work. What could be different on your system ? Here is a checklist for you 1. You have really ad 1988b audio codec ? 2. You have removed appleazalia.kext before testing the other kexts ? 2a. Have a look in your extensions folder, maybe the is an old alcinject.kext...it must be deleted 3. Did you delete the mkext in the system/library folder before you restart your system 4. Did you repair userrights after patching ? 5 What kind of OSX distribution do you have installed ? From the IPC distribution I heard something about issues.. I hope this can help you....Much luck ! Bye, Gary