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Still Waiting for Root Device


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I'm trying to use the "Leopard Perfect Install" method, so I need to use the Kalyway CD first, but I get Still waiting for Root Device (SWFRD) error


I know this is nothing new.  People/Noobs have requested info on this problem loads of times but...  please read on


It seems the way to solve the problem has been to have a SATA DVD drive and SATA HDD and no IDE drives.  If you have a JMicron controller - turn that off.  Also AHCI mode enabled.


Well I have tried every possible BIOS and Hardware configuration combination, but still I get SWFRD


I've also burnt the disc image twice using 2 different burning apps


If you've any thoughts as to why this might be happening, please let me know.

And if you've the GA-P35-DS3R too, please give me as much detail as you can about your config and install method


BTW, I can boot and install the BrazilMac disc, but it goes into a reboot loop, hence the requirment for the kalyway cd


Many many thanks if you can shed any light on this conundrum

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