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Call of Duty 4 Freezes


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Hey everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right place.


I've recently started playing Call of Duty 4 (on my Vista machine), and although it is an impeccable game in many respects I've had a very irritating problem and I can find no real solution for it. This problem occurs most noticeably during multiplayer.


What happens is the game freezes every couple of minutes. Not totally locks up, the video just quickly freezes for about a second (sound is absolutely fine during this time), then everything is back to normal and runs at a pretty much perfect framerate.


My PC's specs should be in my signature. If anyone has had this problem before (or even if you have this problem and haven't fixed it yet) please let me know. This is a very annoying problem so I'd be very grateful if I could at least get some direction to how this could be rectified.


Thanks in advance. :(

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Well this seems to be caused by a bug in your PC machine, and this bug is called VISTA!!

This system is eating resources even when is suposedly idle, and this simphtom youre describing probably happens when there's some disk activity while playing.

And unless you disable 99,9% system components, disk will be always spinning for no reason.

The solution is to play using XP, its not a resource hog and its just fine for gaming. And despite the benefits of directx10, today are almost none.

I can say that as I have an 8800GTS and Im still waiting to see any benefits of playing on Vista. At the beginning I tryed to play on it, but I realized that this system is not valid even to play games.

So my advice is forget vista, at least until SP1.

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Try disabling any system-level services (I don't know exactly what these may be in Vista, since I don't use it) and antivirus software while playing games. I assume that something like this could also be caused by network lagging.

Have you tried the game's support forums? They might have more clues as to what is going on.


Good luck,



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I couldn't find any official support forums for COD4, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. My second choice was here as the populous always seems to be very helpful. :D


I am seriously considering reverting to XP. As a UI designer there are tonnes of things with Vista that are really getting on my nerves and I too see no benefit in using it over XP.


Thanks for the advice,


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thats what i would recommend as well. Vista is way too unstable to be a gaming os. Plus most of the games that microsoft came out with for "vista only" have been cracked to work on xp. Back up your stuff and do the switch, you will thank yourself in the long run.

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Guys, good news.

We found a way to avoid the freezes that happen to lots of guys while being cod4 clients.

{R*K}.Phantom made a tool to avoid freezes while playing in COD4 server running patch 1.3.


This is completly compatible with any cod4 server runnning the new path 1.3.

This tool does not interfere in any way with PUNKBUSTER. Tested ok.

We have tested it, and with out doubt it practically fixed all freezes during the game. If any freeze happens after u installed our correction it's basically 90% shorter than the usual.


Contact us: (download xfire if u don't have it, from xfire.com)

Xfire: pistolerolero

Xfire: rkphantom

Xfire: coldfire1975


This is our clan site, u can PM "PHANTOM" or "PISTOLERO" or "COLDFIRE" regarding this.



It is true.

Good luck!

We need to explain u all how it works and what it does. The fix works beautiful. Tested on XP AND VISTA.



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Thanks for the help but I'd rather know how this patch works before I install anything. Could you advise on what it does, maybe I can replicate it manually?


Thanks again, everyone.

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Now works for 1.4

Dude. U can check it with any single antivirus antispyware anti-anything u want. We don't mess around.

What one of my clan did is only a fix to the 1.4 NOdvd exe so it stops freezeing during the game online.


He updated the 1.4NODVD exe today actually...now our fix works also as a client and as a server. Originally worked only for clients and when u wanted to host u needed to put back the old 1.4NODVD exe.


Question for u dude: When we download NODVD's from lets say Gamecopyworld.com....do we ask the creators? Nope.


I understand ur fear man, i really do. But we don't do mess with people. We are here to help and have fun.


Check our website and u'll see what kind of clan we are.



The only thing we want is a little thanks to the guy who did it. Himself can give u a hand in our ventrilo to install it.

Join us in ventrilo if u want. The IP for ventrilo is on our website.


As i said there is not a problem with PUNKBUSTER or anything. Works perfectly.


By the way, better contact us by xfire dude...i posted the info for the anifreeze in lots of places...i actually don't remember every forum where i posted it lolllll....

PS: everyone in our clan playing COD4 has it. All guests in our ventrilo playing COD4 have it too.


Cheers man!


By the way u guys may want to check this one too:



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