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ISA server and OS X

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My "nice" ISP has modified the network and now I have to connect to the internet via a proxy (or ISA server)... don't even know what any of that it is.


On windows they made me use Microsoft firewall client and all works fine and fast. The problem is that now OS X and Ubuntu can't download torrents anymore. :P


I called my ISP and they told me that they don't know anything about OS X!!!! :rolleyes:






Is there an alternative to m$ firewall client to allow me to connect to the proxy server??!!

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sorry for you but there is no ms firewall client for osx, linux.

I can't beleive an ISP is using ISA for their firewall!! The worst IDEA ever.


Call them up and tell them you have a mac and you can't install msfirewall on OSX, tell them you want to use legal program like skype, ivisit or others like torrent, limewire, EVEN MSN MESSENGER file transfer and VIDEO CHAT !!!


Change ISP if you can. ASAP before their only public ip address has been blacklisted and victim of multiple ddos attack.

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