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HELP X1650 not working, wanna try downgrade bios...

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I have Gecube x1650 256 ddr2 device id : 0x71c7, install natit from 10.4.10 xxx disk.

got output from dvi to vga converter, but no dual screen.

i have all resolution, no mouse tearing, but no QE/CI, rotation etc...


tried every solution in this forum, ending up in kernel panic.


i've read someone success story by downgrading the bios from x1650 (0x71c7) to x1600 (0x71c2).

planning to do the same thing, but i want to make sure :


- is it save to do downgrade flash bios.

- is it ok to downgrade bios from different brand / class (eg. x1650 to x1600XT)

all i know is x1650 have the same gpu with 1600xt (RV530).

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