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    [AMD] Working Builds!

    AMD FX6300 MSI 970a-g43 Shappire ATI HD5670 1gb ddr3 Frescologic PCIE USB3 card TPLINK TG3468 (RTL-8168) Pcie gigabit (internal lan broken) Sound : External BCD3000 (internal not tested) Install Method : Yosemitezone 10.10.1 
 Bios settings : 
 Turn off UEFI boot only so it can accept legacy bios / mbr boot - Windows 8 Function off - MSI Fastboot & Fastboot off - Save & Boot 
 Installation Steps: 
 1. Make bootable USB Yosemitezone 10.10.1 in mac 2. Boot > Press f11 > Select USB Drive 3. Boot flag : /amd64 -v npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No 4. Format mac drive with GPT 5. Install with Chameleon boot loader 6. Finish install 7. Boot to new mac install with -x (safemode), it won't boot normally as it would stuck in grey screen + beachball 8. Go through initial setup, no network right now, realtek chip not detected. 9. Boot again in safemode to install FIX and Kext 
 FIX: you will need to connect your mac with another method, as the lan not detected yet, i use usb disk with HFS formatted to download everything i need from another computer. 
 10. For the grey screen + beachball fix follow this guide : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/304513-fixguide-amd-stuck-at-greywhite-screen-with-spinning-beachball/ 
11. Realtek Lan : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287161-new-driver-for-realtek-rtl8111/ and then use kext-dev-mode=1 or it would not work. Also use npci=0x2000 not 3000, more stable with network adapters. 12. HD5670 resolution fix : open chameleon wizard add GraphicsEnabler=No, Ati Config = Baboon, Ati Ports 3 and Graphic Mode 1920x1080x32 (Full QE/CI, Dual monitor OK) Working out of box : - USB3 (internal & external card) 1 port only , mouse, keyboard, external sound - Shutdown, restart - Appstore (minor fix) Not working: - Sleep - Icloud & Imessage (need serial number) On clover everything works except only in safe mode, when i boot normally got hanging beachball.
  2. diontoradan

    :FIX/GUIDE: AMD Stuck At Grey/White Screen With Spinning Beachball

    thank you for the wonderful hack, it worked on chameleon, but when i switch to clover System.kext conflict with the old one. on clover boot it displays: "Refusing new kext com.apple.kpi.xxx v.14.1 (the one in the new system.kext); already loaded v.14.0" then i got beachball of the death. how did clover load the old kext when the new kext already loaded?
  3. I have similar board, please help me, i cannot boot with clover. Can i format instalation disk with MBR, cuz i've successfully installed yosemite with chimera with MBR installation disk. The board always refuse to booth with guid.
  4. diontoradan

    Moving Applications folder to second drive

    got it working...
  5. I've got Yosemite installed perfectly. But due to small SSD (32 gb) that i have, i plan to move non system folder to second drive. I've done this trick in maverick. But when i try it in Yosemite it doesn't go as plan. What i did : 1. cp -rp /Applications /Volume/second/Applications 2. mv /Applications /Apps Works : mv /Applications /Application.old 3. ln -s /Volume/second/Applications /Applications 4. rm /Application.old 5. restart In maverick this trick do the job. But in yosemite it refuse to enter desktop after login (some error occurred). Whats wrong? Anyone done this in yosemite? or maybe yosemite change the way it works. UPDATE: Working, now i have /Applications and /Users folder on another drive, so i can have 20gb left for system only.
  6. diontoradan

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    good news... but unfortunately i already bought 9500 GT (G96), and sold my 8600 GT. what a regret. can anyone mod the driver for 9500 GT?
  7. works like a charm... thank you so much for sharing this, my mb is MSI G33M. im using kalliway 10.5.2 efi8 iso...
  8. diontoradan

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    hei, im looking forward on building one. could somebody tell me where i could find the case? thanks so much
  9. diontoradan

    iATKOS is released (updated)

    i've no luck with kalyway at pb, very slow. where can i found that fast kalyway? im at 96.3 now , with 9465 bloodsuckin leech... i hope it'll be completed when i wake up... nite nite.
  10. diontoradan

    iATKOS is released (updated)

    94.7 now...
  11. diontoradan

    iATKOS is released (updated)

    got 150kbps last night and now stuck at 94.3%. somebody please seed...
  12. I have Gecube x1650 256 ddr2 device id : 0x71c7, install natit from 10.4.10 xxx disk. got output from dvi to vga converter, but no dual screen. i have all resolution, no mouse tearing, but no QE/CI, rotation etc... tried every solution in this forum, ending up in kernel panic. i've read someone success story by downgrading the bios from x1650 (0x71c7) to x1600 (0x71c2). planning to do the same thing, but i want to make sure : - is it save to do downgrade flash bios. - is it ok to downgrade bios from different brand / class (eg. x1650 to x1600XT) all i know is x1650 have the same gpu with 1600xt (RV530).