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Leopard review


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Hi I have installed leopard on my system it took a while to iron out some how to's but overall I am not that impressed


1- Cant play DVD , possibly due to no CI/QE


2- Several other video application dont work , again possibly Ci/QE


3- USB devices cant even be seen ( usb2.0) haven't tried 1.1 yet


4- xbench around 55 it was around mid 90's tiger


5- GOOD POINT nice GUI although 2I am proberly not getting the most out of it with no Ci/QE


I have read some others here trying to get CI/QE working and from what I understand they are talking along the lines of Callistro But if I can remember correctly this is to allow resolution change and CI/QE was sorted out in 10.4.3 by adding your device ID to a certain kext file


Will try some more research and experiments as time permits but Leo is far from what I could use as a everyday OS


If anyone who has similar specs to me has got further please let me know



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Agreed with fibblesan. I have a crappy video card and everything works beautifully. On the same computer, I edited my Podcast on both XP and Leopard using Audacity: in XP, exporting takes 16-20 minutes, and in OS X it took 5 minutes, with the same settings and same hardware. If that doesn't tell you something... :)


Also, DVD Playback is excellent, I've been watching Lost Season 1 and to my surprise, even if I pause for 10 minutes, when I hit spacebar again the reproduction doesn't have to rebuffer or anything, it just reproduces like a video on my HDD, which is leaps and bounds better and snappier than VLC on both Windows AND OS X.


So yeah, don't give OS X, much less Leopard which is by far the best version of it to date, a review without being able to use it because your computer is too old and well out of spec for what's needed to run OSX86. In fact, go get a REAL Mac. Then you'll get the full experience. I swear by my MacBook and old iBook G4.

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I have two PC's one Dell Dimension 9200 (XPS410) °°°°°°° BRILLIANT!!!!!

and a HP Note Book nx7010 centrino, 1,5GB mem, 40GB HDD etc....(old kit) and it runs great!!!!!



I think it is because people don't research enough, and aren't willing to experiment!!?

I'm doing my 71st install tonight on mine just to check if I can't do something better!! ( I know the saying "don't fixit if it aint broke!" but i use a spare drive for the "TESTING"





ps i can do "10.4.xx, Brazil, ToH, Bc-girl, GM, GUID, USB HDD, anything......but like Flat IMG the best!!! in 10 min flat



So you are not impressed because your old kit is not compatible with Leopard?


Upgrade your hardware.

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