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  1. numberonekiwi

    Z77X-UP5 Mojave Blank screen

    I am trying to install Mojave and getting a couple of issues first one but not important for now is the unsupported cpu message I believe that can be fixed with a boot flag, the other is when loaded I get a blank screen, if I unplug the HDMI plug and reconnect it twice I get a mouse pointer as well but still black screen. Also I cant boot with -x some sort of error
  2. After installing 10.13 and having everything running ok I attempted to change use my home folder on my 3TB hard drive as I have since 10.9 or 10.10 my home folder location is /Volumes/Data/Users/Numberonekiwi. this is so all my settings work straight away as I always install the new versions to a test drive first this way if it does not work you still have a valid operating system on another boot drive. In previous editions I have simply gone into user accounts clicked the lock and entered my password then right click my name / advanced options to where you can set the location of the home folder. When you do this you have to restart your computer once I did this I got a whole lot of "MacOS need to repair permissions on Library for application to work" or similar. I managed to created another account and logged out and into the 2nd account only to find the whole disk /volumes/Data read only I am now backing that whole folder to another disk so I can reformat Data disk. My question is when dragging that whole folder back to /Volumes/Data what permissions repairs if any do I need to preform or will OS X do this automaticlly ?
  3. numberonekiwi

    HDMI Audio on ati Radeon hd 4650

    I reinstalled clover and it seems to work now thanks
  4. numberonekiwi

    HDMI Audio on ati Radeon hd 4650

    Here is my DSDT entry slightly different but has work with 10.9 and 10.10 Device (HDAU) { Name (_ADR, One) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x03 }) } Return (Package (0x02) { "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" } }) } The problem is that DSDT is not loading there was no folder called /extra when installation was completed I manually created one I also manually moved DSDT to all locations I could think of
  5. I am having issues with no Audio through the hdmi port I have tried adding DSDT to extra extension on boot drive as well as EFI, EFI/EXTENSIONS, and EFI/EXTENSIONS/APPLE also in that folder is a file called firmware.scap I also have this in ioreg +-o PCI0@0 <class IOACPIPlatformDevice, id 0x10000013b, registered, matc$ | | +-o AppleACPIPCI <class AppleACPIPCI, id 0x10000021f, registered, matc$ | | +-o pci8086,150@0 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x100000231, registered, ma$ | | +-o PEG0@1 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x1000001e4, registered, matched, $ | | | +-o IOPP <class IOPCI2PCIBridge, id 0x100000240, registered, match$ | | | +-o PEGP@0 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x1000001e5, registered, match$ | | | | +-o AMD4600Controller <class AMD4600Controller, id 0x1000003d1$ | | | | +-o ATY,ATY,RadeonFramebuffer@0 <class AtiFbStub, id 0x1000004$ | | | | | +-o ATY_ATY,RadeonFramebuffer <class AMDFramebuffer, id 0x10$ | | | | | +-o AGPM <class AGPM, id 0x100000416, registered, matched,$ | | | | | +-o AppleMCCSControlModule <class AppleMCCSControlModule, $ | | | | | | +-o AppleMCCSParameterHandler <class AppleMCCSParameterH$ | | | | | +-o AppleUpstreamUserClientDriver <class AppleUpstreamUser$ | | | | | +-o AMDNDRVService <class AtiAppServices, id 0x1000004c7, $ | | | | | +-o IOFramebufferI2CInterface <class IOFramebufferI2CInter$ | | | | | +-o display0 <class IODisplayConnect, id 0x1000004c9, regi$ | | | | | | +-o AppleDisplay <class AppleDisplay, id 0x1000004cb, re$ | | | | | +-o IOFramebufferUserClient <class IOFramebufferUserClient$ | | | | | +-o IOFramebufferSharedUserClient <class IOFramebufferShar$ | | | | +-o ATY,ATY,RadeonFramebuffer@1 <class AtiFbStub, id 0x1000004$ | | | | | +-o ATY_ATY,RadeonFramebuffer <class AMDFramebuffer, id 0x10$ | | | | | +-o AppleMCCSControlModule <class AppleMCCSControlModule, $ | | | | | | +-o AppleMCCSParameterHandler <class AppleMCCSParameterH$ | | | | | +-o AppleUpstreamUserClientDriver <class AppleUpstreamUser$ | | | | | +-o AMDNDRVService <class AtiAppServices, id 0x1000004cd, $ | | | | | +-o IOFramebufferI2CInterface <class IOFramebufferI2CInter$ | | | | | +-o IOFramebufferUserClient <class IOFramebufferUserClient$ | | | | +-o AMDSupport <class AMDSupport, id 0x1000003d2, registered, $ | | | | +-o ATIRadeonX2000 <class ATIRadeonX2000, id 0x1000003d4, regi$ | | | | +-o IOService <class IOService, id 0x100000420, registered, $ | | | | +-o ATIR6002DContext <class ATIR6002DContext, id 0x1000004d2$ | | | | +-o ATIR6002DContext <class ATIR6002DContext, id 0x1000004d3$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x1000004d5, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x1000004d6, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x1000004d7, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x1000004d8, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x1000004dc, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x1000004dd$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x100000518, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x10000052b, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x10000054e, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x10000054f$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x100000550, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x100000551$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Surface <class ATIR600Surface, id 0x100000552, !r$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x100000582, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x100000583$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x10000058b, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x10000058c$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x10000058d$ | | | | +-o ATIR600Device <class ATIR600Device, id 0x10000058f, !reg$ | | | | +-o ATIR600GLContext <class ATIR600GLContext, id 0x100000590$ | | | +-o HDEF@0,1 <class IOPCIDevice, id 0x1000001e6, registered, mat$ | | | +-o AppleHDAController@0,1 <class AppleHDAController, id 0x100$ | | | +-o IOHDACodecDevice@0,1,0 <class IOHDACodecDevice, id 0x100$ | | | +-o IOHDACodecDriver <class IOHDACodecDriver, id 0x1000003$ | | | +-o IOHDACodecFunction@0,1,0,1 <class IOHDACodecFunction$ | | | +-o AppleHDACodecGeneric <class AppleHDACodecGeneric, $ | | | +-o AppleHDADriver <class AppleHDADriver, id 0x10000$ Which has audio as HDEF but I am unable to get it working
  6. numberonekiwi

    Flash player lagging

    Network card intel GbE 1000 I will try firefox sometime to see if it helps
  7. numberonekiwi

    Flash player lagging

    This problem has not only been in 10.9 but all other versions and not just limited to safari. When you play online Facebook games as time goes by things get very slow / glitchy and the only way of getting back to normal is do a force quit ( as this usually keeps open tab ) and restarting the application again. Is there a work around for this or something I will always have to deal with.
  8. numberonekiwi

    10.6.6 released

    Update worked a charm ( downloaded from apple site ) I always install to a test partition I have first then to main system only thing in /Extra/Extensions is fakesmc Using my Modified ( Cartri base ) Bios no DSDT App store works fine Yet to try xbench / cine bench
  9. numberonekiwi

    ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel): now having a working front mic

    I have sort of managed to get basic audio using layout id of 66 for alc885/alc889A but only stereo out from the green plug and some sound assertion errors on boot Using only DSDT however I believe I can fully get this working so I tried editingAppleHDAPlatformDriver.plist using property list editor then saving a copy to the desktop and dragging it back to the correct contents folder, this however gives me issues even if I edit nothing the symptoms on first boot the gui will be very blue and no response from clicking with mouse or keyboard inputs only the mouse will move press power button to invoke sleep then wake from sleep will bring the GUI back to normal but the other symptoms still exist. I have run kextutil after each attemp with no difference the only way is to copy back the original info.plist and running kextutil again What I am wondering is if this kext file is edited it has a different date could this be the issue ?
  10. numberonekiwi

    editing iboot-supported.iso

    Thanks worked like a charm - now to get Realtek 8169 working fully without R1000.kext, it only runs at 10Mbs with generic apple kext
  11. Hi I believe I have nearly got my hackintosh fully supported but dont know what other installer install where into OSX so what I want to do is create my own post installer and have that file on the [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]-supported cd What I am unable to do is copy this file to the above ISO and burn it to CD keeping the CD bootable. Can someone explain to me how to mount and resize the [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url]-supported.iso file copy the patcher files and then burn to bootable CD Thanks Shaun
  12. numberonekiwi

    10.6.3 Released !

    I am trying to get this working on my system as well but by using a 10.6.3 install disk Method used was the same as creating a 10.6.0 install disk and install disk works fine Patched install ( hard drive ) same as 10.6.0 ( 10.6.2 updated ) and removed sleep enabler as this caused a KP All now seems fine until the monitor goes to sleep and has no video input and that is as far as it gets black screen System is X48-DS5 HIS ATI Radeon 4670 card with VGA DVI and HDMI outputs and yes I have tried using the VGA and DVI ( with DVI to VGA ) adapter Not sure if my DSDT.aml file I have is for this video card or the previous X2600 video card but cant see that this would be the issue as it is working in 10.6.2 I have copied the boot file to the root directory and the extras folder but still no joy. Anyone else here with the X4670 card and what did you do to make it work ?
  13. numberonekiwi

    network issues

    Stuff backed up now ( well just disk copy ) and yes the original disk got worse and I had no option but to re format it all is sweet for now ( touch wood )
  14. numberonekiwi

    network issues

    Thanks for all the tips, But I noticed another problem today I also got errors on terminal so I ran a repair permissions and verify disk there were major problems on both . Restarted and automaticly the system ran repair disk and after 3 attempts It failed to repair the disk and failed to even boot fully. upon the next restart it finally sorted it self out and all is back to normal
  15. numberonekiwi

    network issues

    I dont seem to have mDNSResponder running I do however have mDNSResponderHelper running On the laptop I do have mDNSResponder but no mDNSResponderHelper