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Leopard for OSX86 Preconfigured Download Link


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Here is the torrent link: [No trorrent links]




Step 1:

Now the first step is to, of course, download the attatched torrent. I and a couple of other friends will be seeding 24/7.


Step 2:

Burn it to a DVD-R.


Step 3:

Boot up from the DVD. Please be patient as this takes a while.


Step 4:

Look in awe at the LEOPARD INSTALLER!!!!! Cool, aint it?

Now, select your language. It'll say "Preparing Installation..."


Step 5:

Once it says "WELCOME" a menubar will appear at the top. Select Utilities -> Disk Utility. Then find your harddrive. Format it to MAC OS X (Journaled). Then make a partition named "Leopard" and format it to MAC OS X (Journaled) as well.


Step 6:

Press Start + Q. (This is same as Apple-Q or Command-Q)

This will exit Disk Utility.

Now press Utilities -> Terminal. Type the following:

cd /

cd /usr/misc

./script.sh Leopard


Note this will only work if you made a PARTITION named Leopard. If you followed the instructions exactly thus far, you should be fine.


It'll do a whole bunch of stuff and at the end it should say "Done."

That means it is Done. (No kidding, huh?)


Step 7:


Select Next, Select your Hard Drive, Select Customize and Deselect ALL PACKAGES. Then press Next. The installation should take about 15-10 minutes.


Step 8:

It will restart and when it prompts you to press a key to install Mac OS X, DONT!!! Wait until the counter goes down to 0. It will load Mac OS X!


Step 9:

Do the victory dance!!

Congratulations! You've done it! Enjoy!



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FWIW, this is TOH RC2.


The DVD booted and installed on my system, but the resulting install won't boot. The EFI script assumes you are using a blank drive. Mine isn't, it has Vista on it also. I had to re-install the MBR boot loader to get back into my machine.

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OK, I got this installed and working. It is ToH with a different name. See the ToH topic, but basically the easiest way to go is to install some other version first, then use this to do an upgrade. I couldn't get it to boot until I did it this way.


And no, it is NOT "ToH with EFI included". It is just ToH renamed.

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