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[Price Check] MDD G4 For Sale


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Hello all. I have on order some parts to make a dedicated Hackintosh, as my girlfriend hates rebooting to get back into Windoze, so I have no need for my older G4 MDD. I am going to post it on Craig's List later this week, and I was thinking of asking $500 for it. Thoughts? Fair price? Any feedback is welcomed.


Mirror Drive Doors G4 Specs:

- 1GHz PPC Processor

- 1GB PC2700 DDR RAM

- ATi 9800 Pro

- USB 2.0

- Apple Combo Drive

- 40 GB HD

- Airport Extreme

- FW800

- Tiger 10.4.11 [install Disc Not Included]


My G4 still runs and looks great, I was using it as a torrent server until OiNK went down. It just doesn't run as fast as I think I can make my hackintosh run, and I really have no need for it. Thanks in advance. Also, I would be happy to provide pictures to anyone interested.

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