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RAM problem in OS X


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I have a 1gb stick of Corsair XMS2 memory installed and bios is setup to run the ram at 800mhz (default) with the timing adjusted automatically.


The problem is that OS X (10.4.10) is saying that my ram is running at 400mhz. (even when I setup the bios to run the ram on auto setting; I.E. NOT 800mhz)


Does anyone know what is causing this and if there is a workaround? It doesnt seem to affect the performance so far but it just looks wrong to me and I payed for 800mhz ram not 400 lol.


thanks in advance!

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I have a similar problem.


In 10.4.9 the RAM (amount at least) was detected correctly.


In 10.4.10 "About this Mac" reports (almost correctly) that I have 2 Gb (reports 1.88 Gb 432 MHz) 667 MHz DDR2

but the "Hardware->Memory" section only reports 1 Gb (bank A3) sped 432 Mhz Type DRAM.




MB: ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM (Everything ob-board: MCP51 (eth + SATA), NVIDIA NVS210S GPU == GeForce6150)

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+




Kernel: 8.10.1


Can someone shed some light on this issue ?



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