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OSX 10.4.2 Update - should I do it?

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The update at Apple's site - does it contain the updates for both PPC and X86. If it does, is it worth updating to? Worried about broken support, I am...


Doh! put this in the wrong section, sorry...


I doubt it. If I remember correctly from the info on WDC, OSX for x86 will not be updated and it will stay in the current version (10.4.1) at least until the first mac with intel is released or the devkit is updated.


Since the OS is not supposed to be used by regular users (like us) Apple has no intention on releasing new patches to the applications. It's only supposed to be used by developers for testing and re-compiling their applications and testing the platform (not using for everyday use).

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What will it hurt... I thought that was the reason we were all posting here. To try and find out every thing about osx86... Well I am downloading it now and if it works... great... if not... oh well I do a rebuild... that takes what??? 6 mins? lol :)


Oh well i am getting it now... see you guys on the other side.

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Under the Apple Menu (the little Blue Apple on the top left), you'll see an option 'Software Update...'


Run it.


If nothing shows up, then there is nothing available for your available platform.


Hence, while 'Software Update' yields a slew of available updates for PPC users, chances are there are none under OSx86's version of 'Software Update'


'cause, Mac OS X is kinda smart that way, to know:


- what platform it runs on.

- what model number it runs on.

- what updates that model needs.

- only displaying those.


Hence, don't hurt yourself trying to download and forcing updates not meant for you (besides, if you downloaded it, and tried running it, it'd tell you that it's not for you - it's kinda smart that way, you know)

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