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  1. Xcode 2.2 Final Released

    Apple has released the final version of Xcode 2.2. This is the second release of Xcode to support Universal Binaries, and the first to lock out 10.4.1 Intel (the leaked/hacked release). Xcode 2.2 makes significant improvements to SEE opcodes and the Accelerate framework, as well as general Intel compatibility improvements.
  2. Many sources have reported that the latest build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 seeded to developers includes an Intel-compiled version of iTunes. Previously, iTunes was the only major non-system application to be PowerPC-only. It is now a Universal Binary but does have some ongoing known issues with it; Apple has cautioned developers of these issues as minor and will be resolved shortly.
  3. Mozilla Launches Intel Mac Support

    The Mozilla Foundation has established a page on their Wiki that has the latest Intel Mac builds for their most popular applications; Firefox, Tunderbird and Camino. They also announced full support for PowerPC and Intel builds, and upheld their comitment to supporting Jaguar and Panther versions on PowerPC via the lipo process; a tool designed to allow different methods of compiling applications. Lipo holds much potential for specialized Mac development, the lipo process will eventually be used to allow Mac developers to use Intel-released compilers for Intel code, while still using GCC3/GCC4 for PowerPC applications, thus giving each platform the best performance possible while still remaining a Universal Binary. Mozilla Wiki - Intel