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  1. jasch

    Can't install on Intel iMac 17"

    Thanks for the replies. I wiped Tiger (I re-partitioned the drive with the GUID partition). I also have the latest firmware upgraded (I needed to do that for Bootcamp). Well, I'll try again tonight, if not I'll go back to 10.4
  2. It strange, but the Leopard DL DVD installed perfectly on my iBook G4 14", but on my Intel iMac 17", after install and reboot, I get the grey screen and the message telling me that I need to restart my computer. I tried twice to install Leopard with no luck. Same results every time. Anyone with a similar problem? I know it's not the DVD since it worked flawlessly on my iBook. And on the iMac I did a fresh install of Leopard on top of anything that was previously installed. Thanks for any ideas.
  3. People, stop asking for link to the torrents. Links are not permitted. Figure out yourself how to find the torrent... Installed F111 on top of 1099. My Xbench drop about 30 points. All the things that went down were the graphics stuff (Quarts, OpenGL, etc). Using a D915 with the standard GMA900 graphics adapter.
  4. jasch

    Advantages of 10.4.3 over 10.4.1?

    I have compatible hardware (D916GUXL) and was able to update my system. (nothing like a fresh install, since the old version ends up in a different folder). I retained configuration, documents, applications, etc.
  5. jasch

    Best Hardware to Buy

    Get yourself an Intel board based on the 915 chipset. I originally purchased a D915GUXL and is 100% compatible.
  6. jasch

    the new 10.4.3 MaxxussAntiTPM_10 patch

    There is already a SSE2 patch fro Maxxuss, as well as a no NX/XD patch. So you can install it on a system with at least SSE2 and PAE support/
  7. jasch

    the new 10.4.3 MaxxussAntiTPM_10 patch

    Converted to ISO/CDR, replaced the files, burned, rebooteed and upgraded. Everything is working great (Safari,Flash,iTunes,Firefox, etc). System 100% stable on a D915GUXL.
  8. What do you think we have been discussing this whole thread?
  9. After the update (on a 100% compliant, 915 system with SSE3), system still shows OS as 10.4.1, also Safari crashes a lot. Running native, flash movies are not displayed at all (yet I can hear them). Running using Rosetta, it either crashes, or displays hangs the machine (with the blank windows telling you to reset or power down the machine). I didn't notice any of the fixes on Safari that were introduced with 10.4.2 for PPC. On the other hand, Quicktime shows as 7.04. Apple DVD player (4.6.2) loads, but could not get it to play anything... It either said "Supported Disc not Available" or just froze.
  10. Learn this lesson: DO *NOT* install updates for any APPLE software. Updates are PPC only.
  11. jasch

    Safari 2.0.1 Update killed all x86 apps

    People should refrain from installing any Apple "updates" since they are obviosly not intented for OSx86 and end up breaking more things.
  12. Conspiracy theory. They are interested in finding out on what OSX currently runs or doesn't for an eventual release for non-MAC machines. What a better way to get feedback than a beta program? Of course, this is all just my imagination going wild.
  13. jasch

    Chicken of the VNC Universal binary

    I tried the PPC "side" of the universal binary and I would not even connect to my remote servers. I d/l'ed the official version and everything is working ok again.
  14. jasch

    Localization Patch

    If this could only be mixed with the Bender-Marklar patch... we would have them auto-installed from the DVD.