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External HD Recommendations.

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Looking for an external desktop HD. preferrably 500gb and its affordable. i so far have two choices that im interested in.





LaCie designed by FA Porsche



Western Digital Essential







Seagate (though its a bit expensive)



currently based in the UK and planning to get it from amazon or newegg. though im not quite sure how reliable is it to ship hard drives from the states to the UK (fear of spoiling the hard drive). it is obviously cheaper in the states which includes the postage and so on. can anyone clarify on the shipping to the UK? was your package undamage? and was the item unspoiled?


I am open to any suggestions given. im trying to get cheap ones with good reliability. and where do you think i should get it?

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My experience leads me away from LaCie. :unsure: I have had 3 LaCie drives/enclosures fail on me, all were 250GB, however I have a LaCie 40GB bus powered drive thats been with me a few years and still kicking. :star_smile: In contrast I have had Western Digital :wacko: drives last for what seems like forever. I've also recently discovered Buffalo :wacko: brand, so far so good.


Good Luck!

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I know ppl that have mybooks and have not had problems what so ever. Reading reviews is good but I have here a maxtor drive that supposively fails for a lot of ppl well that was 3 years ago and mines still going without a hitch, so don't let something like that be a deciding factor between a great buy. Anyways the one external ive really been looking into are both the mybook but more so the miniStack shown here miniStack @ Macsales

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