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I'm not sure if anyone has tested this yet. It seems as though the EFI bootloader might give us a few advantages than before. I understand that Nvidia cards are not supported without Natit. My question would be, with the recent implementation of EFI bootloader, what are the new advantages with multiple video cards, such as native OSX supported cards. For example, I'm looking to connect 3-4 screens on my OSX86 Intel PC (specs on sig). I'm pretty sure my 7600GT and Natit will not allow this with multiple cards, however, would there now be a way to do this with OSX supported cards, just like on a MAC? If anyone has either tried this or has seen this done, please do tell.


Also, would wake from sleep function better now? I know that some laptops can do it, but not without USB problems. Bottom line, vanilla kernel aside, what advantages are possible with this new discovery?



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