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Leopard forum cleanup ideas


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What I'd do if I were a mod here:


First, I'd unsticky these (in the Leopard forum):




http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=24386 (maybe not this one)


Then, I'd create a new thread/announcement in that forum that links to the Hackintosh/Leopard forum, so that people will stop posting hackintosh threads in the Leopard forum. :)


Reasonable? :D

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My idea is to add sub-forums, instead of one big pile of mixed and double topics.


For example:


Leopard Updates

-From Tiger to Leopard




Leopard Releases


-iATKOS (Uphuck Leopard)

-ToH RC2

-Flat image



Motherboards and chipsets







Graphics cards




Network cards



Audio cards




It would be so much easier to find solution for specific problem, and it would minimize double posts.

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