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Asking Developers to Compile DVB-S Application-Here's the source


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Hello Everyone

Many people may have problems in using DVB-S cards in Mac OS. I have the same problem. I have been using Microsoft Windows Since Windows 3.0. I bought Windows Vista last year, but 3 months ago, I could sence apple mac on my pc. Little by little I switched to Mac and now completely to Leopard. I must confess it is the most beautiful and secure operating system in the planet. The only problem that I (and some of my friends) have, which made us to keep stupid vista on another partition, is Our DVB-S cards. There is a website called Defyne (http://www.defyne.org/dvb/driver.html), but it is not updated and developer is unreachable. But this made me think to find another solution. So I made some searches and found this Binary source ( http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=36197 ).

BT8xx is chipset of most DVB-S cards. For example my card is Twinhan Visionplus 1020+ and have he same chipset.

Since I do not know anything about compiling sources in Mac OS, will you guys be any help?

I aperciate your help.

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