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  1. Y2J

    GTX650 or GTX750?

    I have the 750 ti and it's not supported here, installed the 10.9.3 update but I had to remove every *nvd to boot! If anyone can help get better resoultion than 1024 * 768 with workaround or something, please let me know! Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot, working fine with GA-EP43-DS3L I had to fix LAN and Sound myself but it's okay! PS: Mac App Store in not working, right?!
  3. @Sull I tried everything you said, I even put the MAC HD in Connector 0 in the motherboard, still unable to boot And Yes, I was running Kalyway 10.5.2 previously in the same hardware!.
  4. Hi there, Is there any chance this can work wih my motherboard: GA-EP43-DS3L http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Support/Motherb...?ProductID=2847 I was following the Life Hacker Guide and everything went fine for 1st and 2nd installation, but after the installation is done, I am still unable to boot in SL. The problem is now, I lost my old Mac installation (Kalyway) but I am still has the bootable image in the USB thumb drive. so can anyone advice what should I do now? - Installation is done in SATA HD 160 GB (All of it) - I have bootable Windows 7 in a second hard-disk - I have bootable Ubuntu* in 3rd hard-disk - I have bootable SL image in the USB thumb drive. * (Grub sees the Mac OS X and show it on the list but it hangs in the menu for seconds and bring the cursor to Ubuntu OS again)
  5. Y2J

    lifehacker guide

    I did everything in the mentioned guide but I am still unable to boot in the SL although the second installation is successfully done! Any ideas? Right now, I lost all my data in the entire external Hard drive, format my entire Hard-disk which was includes the old mac installation (Kalawyi), so there no way to go back! Just a clean HD + Bootable USB drive :S
  6. I went through .3 and .4 with some troubles but I came over them, but 10.5.5 totally broke my system. I am re-installing right now the KalyWay 10.5.2 and will update to 10.5.4 only + new Chameleon 2.0 RC1 (tested and works fine). I just need to boot wit sleepkernel > ENTER.* I guess the 10.5.5 need EFI boot loader + Vanilla Kernel, the things I am never able to get, just guessing .. I am following this guide: http://######.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=105&Itemid=48 * If anyone can help me set the sleepkernel as a default boot kernel, I will be thankful. Thank you
  7. I am having the same motherboard and yesterday I updated to 10.5.3 (KalysWay) but I am now stuck into the boot screen until I boot with "update -v -x" option but this get me into (Safe Boot) mode, is there any way I can get it back to the normal boot. What if I do manual update to 10.5.4, I already downloaded all the available update from apple website, can I go to 10.5.3 > 10.5.7 directly ??!
  8. Y2J

    Hackintosh Tuner Card?

    Any help please with my DVB-S Card? Model: TwinHan AD-SP200(1027) : http://www.twinhan.com/product_satellite_3.asp
  9. Thank you so much. I guess my sound card ALC888 working with this one as I installed many drivers before it. The trick is to Check CLEAR CASH (ALL CACHES) and REPAIR PERMISSION in OSX86 TOOLS
  10. I have TwinHan 1027 or AD-SP200(1027) and I am facing the same problem. I will be thankful if anyone can help in the issue. Thanks in advance.
  11. Y2J

    Audio Driver for GA-EP43-DS3L (ALC888)

    I need help in the same isuue please. Any one?
  12. Y2J

    تشغيل كرت الستلايت

    My card is TwinHan 1027 and I am seeking support to get it worked in Kalyways.. any idea ..