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How do I update Hackintosh?

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Is there a way i can install a version of hackintosh leopard (ON A PC) , and be able to do updates?

i currently have tiger 10.14.10, but when i clicked update everything went down. (now i cant boot but whatever)

Now, i dont want to make the same mistake on Leopard, but if i wont be able to update into a new version, then i guess its kinda worthless.


am using vista and i want to install leopard on another partition, so my question is, will i be able to install hackintosh leopard and be able to update?



Thanks for your help!


(If you dont understand me, feel free to ask your doubts)

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pcwiz pretty much got it.


however, if there are any updates that require system restart, avoid them. Quicktime is an exception, that will do no harm, however security updates are bad, audio updates are unnecessary, and as already stated, OS upgrades are completely out of the question.


if you need an update, look around here before anything else, it'll save you the trouble of repairing disk permissions just to boot into OS X.

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