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Comment on my current hardware


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Hi guys,


Would like to know the chances of these to work?


1) USB

2) Firewire

3) Network ( will the mobo built-in NIC works?)

4) Sound ( will the built in SB Live work? )


Here's my configuration

1) AMD 3000+ SSE2 s939

2) MSI SLI Platinum ( http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mai...ail.php?UID=641 )

3) Audidy ZS

4) NEC 3500 DVD Burner

5) Maxtor SATA 300gb => to partition 10gb for OS X

6) Nvidia 6600GT PCI-e

7) Logitech Wireless Keyboard + Mouse


I was wondering what is the best possible step to Install Mac OS X. I have the mac os x 10.4.3 8f1111 burnt on DVD.


Thanks guys! :)

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usb and firework will work. the build-in mobo ethernet should work, don't know about sound. Nvidia drivers are covered in another thread on here, ask there. the only thing i'm unsure of are your wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Wireless works with osx86, but i'm not sure a mouse/keyboard would work.


one thing i would say is, you're better off making a bigger partition than 10 gig for your osx86 (if you can spare it). believe me, i installed on an 8 gig drive, and a few hours later i was desperate for more space :)

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well i can tell you straight up that you aint gonna get Core Image, OpenGL or Quartz Extreme from a GeForce card. at least, not right now.


both the released intel macs have ATI cards, and only ATI cards appear to be accellerated under OSX 10.4.3. i heard a nasty rumour that ATI and Intel have some kind of deal whereby ATI will provide onboard graphics solutions where Intel used to provide their own. if that is true, then its possible we wont see nVidia drivers from apple.


i'm in the same boat currently - SSE2 and GeForce 6800 graphics. Considering a Celeron D 3Ghz and an ATI X800 or X1600



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I read quite a bit and it seems like SATA , the soundcard & NIC are NOT supported.


Hence, I need to purchase


2) an M-audio revo soundcard

3) a compatible NIC? ( is it working?)


I didnt't really want to build another PC just to install mac os x


If I'm using the 6600gt, anything that I will miss?


So far I think I use my PC to listen to music, watching movies( xvid/dvix ), surfing and some torrenting.


Comments pls. Thanks a bunch

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