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Wireless for LEOPARD

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Ive spent three days switching wireless cards and usb drives around to find one that works on my hackintosh pc,

Ive spent the same ammount of time trying to find a proven working either native or hackable hardware to use!

I cant find it

i must be stupid ANYWAY

Everything works on it accept the networking obviously

atm i have a Belkin Wireless g usb network adapter 802.11b,g

What do i do!

Maybe i dont know how to set internet up on a mac

but jeez

ive spent so much time trying to figure this out! QQ

help me!!! <3333

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I've been trying to get my usb wifi card working since installing ToH & BrazilMac leopard a couple of days ago with no success. Its weird because it worked perfect on 10.4 (jas, uphuck,kalyway & mac.nub)


the wifi card doesnt get detected at all


its a ralink wifi card.

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No luck here either with the flat image. Sound working fine but can't get my Linksys WUSB11 802.11b to connect. Not getting picked up. It seems strange Leopard doesn't offer USB connection type for networking for broadband, just cable and ethernet. I've tried switching various USB ports to no avail. Has anyone tried the driver from OrangeWare



" OrangeWare’s Wireless Driver for Mac broadens the driver availability to all users of Atheros based wireless cards. They include D-Link, Netgear, Aztec, Elecom, Fujitsu, IBM, Linksys, NEC, Samsung and Sony, and many more. All their current wireless offerings listed below can use the new OrangeWare Driver. This means that the Mac user can now link up with Mac and PC access points by using a variety of now-compatible wireless add-on cards. These solutions coupled with the OrangeWare driver are faster than the Airport® Extreme cards, and can cost half as much. "


... Looks like this OrangeWare driver is just for ethernet.. That sucks.

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