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  1. tripleboot

    Leopard to VMware then Native?

    So you got Leopard on VMware. Great. First you installed Tiger then copied Leopard files to a second cloned Virtual Disk. ? So Schulz if you get time from your labratory could you do a semi-walkthrough of how you did this.
  2. tripleboot

    Format to HFS error

    Seems to be allot of peoples problem after installing. Getting it to boot back up to finish installing.
  3. Yes, I'm feeling like a real DA noob here. I'm having difficulty extracting this ISO ? to burn. Assuming it's an ISO. Using MagicISO it won't open. (3.50GB KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3) I used winrar with no luck. I'll give stuffit a try. ...Used Stuffit 11 and extracting OK.
  4. tripleboot

    Marvel Yukon Drivers for Vista 32 Bit

  5. tripleboot

    Windows Aero

    Does your video card even support aero.
  6. tripleboot

    Problems with the majority of PCs...

    I always install my own OS when I get a new PC just because of all the {censored} they put on it. I know Dell has the option now to not install most of their 3rd party software buddies. I'm not sure but does Dell still have a 3-5GB partition on thier PC's/laps used as a rescue disk if you need to call Dell for help if you F'd up your system. When I got my daughter a Dell 1505 a couple years ago I reformatted the whole disk after I noticed it had a seperate partition placed on it for recovery problems.
  7. Are you wanting to get rid of XP all together and just keep Vista or dual boot both. I didn't quite understand. If dual booting VistaBootPro does work very nicely and its free. You might need to copy your NTDETECT and NTLDR from your XP I386 folder on your XP CD to your Vista:\directory. That way when dual booting from the Vista bootscreen it will recognize XP and allow the OS to boot. If your just wanting Vista then whats the problem getting it to boot. I might recommend you getting Acronis Disk Director Suite and Acronis True Image software. My favorites and extremely usefull in messing around with OS's..
  8. tripleboot

    Help with Leopard Flat Image install

    After your initial install did you get to your desktop before you manually rebooted. ? If you did go to your desktop then do the following before manually rebooting. Click on your Leopard drive. Go to System>Library>Extensions and delete "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext" Then go to System>Library and delete "Extensions.mkext" Reboot and you should boot to your desktop.
  9. You got that right. Name doesn't fit these days. Always hackn' and experimenting. Working on the flat image on a pc in another room which has the Linksys wireless USB. I've tried several drivers so far. No luck. Does't pick up on any of the 6 1.0 USB or 4 2.0 highspeed USB ports. When I pop my 1gb flash drive in shows the icon right on the desktop.
  10. tripleboot

    Wireless for LEOPARD

    I'll try a couple of those drivers macgirl and see what happens. Ralink looks promising if I can get it installed properly.
  11. tripleboot

    Wireless for LEOPARD

    No luck here either with the flat image. Sound working fine but can't get my Linksys WUSB11 802.11b to connect. Not getting picked up. It seems strange Leopard doesn't offer USB connection type for networking for broadband, just cable and ethernet. I've tried switching various USB ports to no avail. Has anyone tried the driver from OrangeWare http://www.orangeware.com/endusers/wirelessformac.html " OrangeWare’s Wireless Driver for Mac broadens the driver availability to all users of Atheros based wireless cards. They include D-Link, Netgear, Aztec, Elecom, Fujitsu, IBM, Linksys, NEC, Samsung and Sony, and many more. All their current wireless offerings listed below can use the new OrangeWare Driver. This means that the Mac user can now link up with Mac and PC access points by using a variety of now-compatible wireless add-on cards. These solutions coupled with the OrangeWare driver are faster than the Airport® Extreme cards, and can cost half as much. " ... Looks like this OrangeWare driver is just for ethernet.. That sucks.
  12. tripleboot

    leopard usb problem

    Also not recognizing my USB wireless, but it does pick up my Verbatim 1gb flash stick.
  13. Unable to get network on USB wireless Linksys. USB ports not recognizing the hardware
  14. Success after getting "Package 0 didn't get an HPETP" over and over again and rebooting/repeating. Yes only one HD. After extracting .bat it booted to Leopard desktop. (Don't manually reboot yet!) Go to your Leopard drive on your desktop>System>Library>Extensions> and delete "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext" also delete System>Library>and delete "Extensions.mkext." I then rebooted and to Leopard desktop with sound. I haven't hooked up my wireless yet for internet connection. (This is on my older PC) Vista Business/XP PRO P4/3.4 WD 80GB 7200 HDD Asus P5GD2 Deluxe MB 1GB-DDR2 SDRAM GeForce 6600/256 SB Audigy 2 6.1
  15. tripleboot

    Leopard Perfect Install

    Just watched the video Onetrack. Niceeee. Great music selection too by the way.