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To boot with VMware...a problem...

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Hi, i'm italian...


i've a VMware version 6 Workstation...


i've that problem:

(after i seletcted "-v")

ATA Driver claims Extended LBA feature support but does not claim FLUSH CACHE EXT feature support

--and after 1 minute about--

Still waiting for root device

AppleGenericPCATADriver: CMD 0x170, CTR 0x374, IRQ 15

--And repeat infinity--

Still Waiting for root device

still waiting....infinity...


i've that PC


P5K-E (ICHR-9 and P35)

Dual core E2160 to 3,1Ghz

3 HD on SATA

a Mast DVD on IDE

Nvidia 6600GT (old :D )




what do i?

Help Me pleaseee!!!



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