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  1. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I noticed a problem regarding my hardware audio, so CA0132, using a edited AppleHDA.kext Sometimes, when audio won't make sound, I noticed a row in DPCIManager called "Null Codec" with same id and device of Creative then when I reboot this system and it make a sound on youtube, I opened DPCIManager and the "null Codec" hides. So, haven't much experience in codec than you, I'm trying to understand it alone. But for now, I need you, if you have some experiences about to understand it. Frank
  2. Hi everybody, I've alienware with CA0132, using the your kext applehda, sometimes don't work and sometimes it work, so I've to reboot and hoping if the audio work. What is it? ps: have you tried thunderbolt 3?
  3. There is external drive with thunderbolt 3 connected (orange icon). but after 10 or 15sec the system will be stuck.
  4. Hi people, After few days, I tested my laptop for my jobs, (I remember you that I'm a director of photography and I'm working like Colorist (color correction for video) and Data Manager (creating lut while copying from a external drive to external drive with safe's MD5 (using shotput pro). I've only these problems: Audio: I've recenlty installed appleHDA.kext (see #117 post) , it work sometime and don't work sometimes, why?? USB-C - with AppleUSBXHCIPCI (ID: 0x15b5 of Intel) The USB-C it work with after boot witch connected USB key system. Without reboot I can see a light led on USB key but doesn't work -> How can I resolve it? Oh, at the bar, I see an icon like a graphic card, and I see “Controller USB” (not clickable) and “Deactivate Card” selectable. Thunderbolt: - work like up, so after boot will work: but we have some problem: after boot, after one minute or two min all system will be stuck so I've to reboot. At the boot, if remove the device , I will have a KP I see only "express card" and "express card sata" at system info to PCI page At the top bar I see an icon like graphic card and I see: "Controller sata" not clickable "Deactivate card" "Base system device" not clickable "Deactivate card" I made some experiments with USB-C: I disconnected usb-key and deactivated card with OSX, the port USB-c don’t work until reboot
  5. For audio is resolved: Unistall VoodooHDA (follow guide searching on google "voodoohda 2.8.8 uninstall" then install with kext wizard the attached file. Then, I've problem with boot with thunderbolt: If attach Startech TB3 to TB2 then Blackmagic mini monitor, will be stuck at boot (not in bios, just only loading win logo and mac logo. I've tried with this laptop to another port of thunderbolt (to mac mini, to have thunderbolt bridge network) in windows work perfeclty but in mac doesn't work. Meanwhile for usb-C, it work just only if attached device BEFORE boot. How to resolve it? Can you give me any advices? Frank AppleHDA.kext.zip
  6. Everyone can help me about: - Mapping keyboard with voodooPS2controller (I've read the instruction, isn't easy and I need help) - What do you have about sound? VoodooHDA 2.8.8 or AppleHDA? I don't understand the difference, and maybe this cause problem about to affect sound with button (I can see the icon of volume but can't affect sound really) - thunderbolt 3? EDIT: I'm stupid, I've update a new version of voodooPS2controller and it work about brightness over impressed on volume. Thanks, F
  7. Hi people, I finally installed EFI's Skyblading, but you don't warned to everybody that it need to reaload SMBIOS. So, in clover configurator, you've to in SMBIOS reload Macbook pro 11,1 serial. It work: - All USB 3.0 - 4K Panel - nvidia 980 with 8Gb (finally!!! now I'm already working with Resolve Davinci! ) - Ethernet Realtek (finally finally...) - Camera webcam - Sleep&WakeUP - Trackpad and multigesture work perfectly (so trackpad pref pane) - Nvme (I'm booting to my SSD with sata, for security) - Reboot (maybe it's so slow...but ok) - Shotdown - WIFI with D-Link DWA-131 rev E1, it work perfectly. - control to volume - uninstalled voodooHDA and installed this kext AppleHDA - it work Now don't work: - USB-C (the usb-c it work just at boot with attached device) and Thunderbolt 3.0 -Card Reader Note: you've to use voodooPS2Controller 'cause it let work perfectly with your trackpad with multgesture (fingers...) but I'm working about the buttons sovrimpressed. We're near to finish! To make Alienware a great "macbook pro" super-powerfull. EDIT: I tried to install PS2 smart touch, don't work the multigesture on trackpad (installed both in clover efi and S/L/E) F
  8. I've received KP: https://s18.postimg.org/cx9b5ejjd/unnamed_1.jpg why? Ah, I've only putted kext with kext wizard and EFI folder. the 4K command I've already done. edit: I've removed IntelBacklight, the KP remain with IOPPF: XCPM Mode Now, hardware is configured: - SSD with Mac os sierra - M.2 with windows 10 pro Oprom disabled and V/T direct disabled. F
  9. Hi, I'm reading your posts but I don't understand nothing words. Can you post your EFI? If it work with my laptop. Or a guide for this laptop? Which hardware do you have in your laptop? Mine you can read in my signature. F
  10. Nope, it seem able to work in bios but not in OSX, Maybe is it a problem during installation? Maybe I need (or edit) a kext to able a port to ethernet integrated port? 'Cause, the left usb (one close to jack port) don't work, isn't a problem that affect ethernet/graphic card?
  11. Tried, doesn't work tried with nvidia Nvidia Web Driver - 367.15.10.15f03