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AMD or Intel?

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So... after trying to search for similiar topic I gave up :)


My question is simple but I belive that "the ultimate answer" is not.


What to choose? Stick to AMD or switch to Intel, money's not an issue... always wanted to say that ;)

Should keep my HD 2900 XT or switch to 8800GTX or GT?

I'm thinking about Q6600 (Q9450 in future) and GB-P35-DS4 mobo. Any suggestions?


thx in advance :)

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if money is not a issue....... get a mac pro 8 core machine LOL

Money is not an issue because I don't have to pay for the parts. I just swap them at no costs at my side ;) The price for Mac Pro is quite... erhm... overwhelming. But hey... maybe one day. :)

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